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How To Know If Affiliate Marketing Works

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When you first hear of something, you wonder does it really work?  Especially if you don’t know anyone associated with it.  There is one thing that you con consider in answering the question of it really working.  That one thing is that these companies really do exist and they really do want to pay affiliate marketers for sending traffic to their sites if sales are generated.  This has replaced normal advertising.  They are looking for hard working affiliate marketers promote their products. 

How to make it work.

Want to prove it to yourself that this works?  Follow the process and stick to it, and you’ll see for yourself that it does work.  If I can do it, you can too!  What is the process you ask?  In recent posts I talked about it having 3 easy steps and I’ll share more later.  As with any process, there is a key to it’s success.  It’s called stick-to-itiveness and there is a lot of power and meaning behind that.  Dedication is another word that means about the same thing.

common affiliate marketing mistakes

Unrealistic Expectations.

I do want to first state that the Internet is just like the rest of the world.  You can’t always believe what people put before you or offer you.  So you do got to keep your guard up and do your own research on the matter.  To go the extra mile, what we at always recommend is that you first sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter before diving into anything else found through our website for the purpose of having access to proven methods.  This is all in part of our belief that it’s best to first lay a good foundation before you dive into anything else.   There are those out there that do want to see you succeed and we at fall into that group that do.

Ask yourself these questions.

Are you willing to learn and can you learn about affiliate marketing?  – Any process has a part where you have to take the time to learn.

Are you willing to work for it?  – Any other job or business requires work, so are you willing to put in the time to get it done?  It just won’t come to you, you have to roll up your sleeves and do the work.

Can you stick with it? – You’ve heard the saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.  Are you the type to give up easily?  This is a process and it does take time.

Do you have other pressures that could break you?  – If while starting an affiliate marketing business, do you have other issues that could pressure you into giving up?

What is your Why?  – Yes, you can see that this as well as the previous 2 questions kind of like relate to each other.  Your why can be the gel factor that keeps you in it or drops you out of it, if it’s not strong enough.

Does it really work?

Well, basically, it’s up to the individual to make it happen.  If you want this to work for you, you have to treat it very seriously and dive in and do the work needed to bring about positive results.  It won’t come to you and no one else can do the work for you.  You can’t expect this to happen overnight.  Some take 3 to 5 years, and in a lot of cases you need to give it a good 7 years for the business to become successful.  Your first commissions could be as soon as 6 months to a year starting out.  You have to put in a lot of hard work as this requires dedication.  But, to answer the question, yes, this does work.  To many, it may seem like it’s taking a long time, but it does take time and it does work.

Best Approach.

Devote as much as your time as you can around your work schedule as you can.  The more time the better.  In addition to your content marketing, you want to do as much promoting as possible, as this also drives traffic to your website.

Build your website

Build it and they will come.

The days of this reality are busted!  You won’t see this anymore.  That is due to a combination of factors.  Factors such as Google controls all with regards to rankings and the fact that the Internet is submerged in websites and blogs.  Which leads to today where you have to promote, promote & promote.  Now promotions can be in many forms such as email & content marketing.  Back in the early to mid1990’s when the Internet was new, you cold build it and get traffic with very little effort as I once did.  But, by today’s standards, if you just built a website or blog and did nothing, nothing would be your outcome.

Moral of the story.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you have to roll up your sleeves and follow the process and do the work if you want to succeed with affiliate marketing.  There is definitely money to be made if you are willing to work for it.  Look at it this way, if you got a job, you’d be expected to perform, wouldn’t you? It’s no different with affiliate marketing.  So, the next time you find your self or anyone asking, does affiliate marketing really work?  Instead, ask yourself this question – will I work with affiliate marketing? 

Want more?

If you are interested in finding out more about affiliate marketing, you can sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter.  There are no obligations, just tons of useful proven methods delivered right to your inbox.  If you have lots of energy and it’s not being focused where you’d want it to be, affiliate marketing may just be the target you’ve been looking for.  Let us be your bullseye and hit us up today.  We have 3 easy steps that you can follow.  Step 1 is just to sign up for our newsletter, and if you want more, just continue with steps 2 and 3.

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