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How To Know If A Website Or Blog Is Best for You

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There isn’t too much difference between a website and a blog especially if you look at  The way I see it, the only difference is that one has a blog in it and the other doesn’t.  So, with regards to affiliate marketing, why would one choose a website over a blog?  Or, why would one choose a blog over a website?  Believe it or not, the answer is more obvious than you may think.  The answer to this question is that it depends upon their goals.  So let’s go over this…

Build your website

Website only.

Having just a website or landing page, you’d only have a page or multiple pages of information for your readers to have access to.  Basically, static of nature with very few updates if any.  The pages would provide all the information about what you have to offer. 

There can be a place to opt into your newsletter if you decide to have one.  Also, for your main product or service you are offering, there would be a place for your readers to purchase what you are offering.

So, if you are not blogging, how would you get the word out about what you are offering?  You would promote, promote, and promote yourself constantly driving traffic back to your website.  If you are affiliated with more than one company, then anything you are offering would be mentioned within the pages of your website with links that your visitors click on to reach your companies websites to make a sale.

You would put a great deal of effort into creating your website, making it look very professional, and be filled with content that is precise and to the point of what you are offering.

Your website should include pages regarding what you are offering, in addition to an about and contact us page.  If you are going to have an opt in option for a newsletter, that should be at least in the main landing page.

Tips For Choosing Your Best Blogging Platform


If you took notice to how is, you already know what’s going on.  A website with a blog with a ton of content.  I do the same thing that one would do with just a website; I also create content which is posted to the blog a couple times a week.  I also promote what I am offering every day and sometimes over the weekend.  The advantage of a blog vs a website is that your blog is constantly updated with new content and website isn’t.  Each post you create is like a page to the website that is filled with new and influential information for your readers.

Blogs have all the same features as a website, just blogs can get far more organic traffic that plain websites due to the more frequent updates.

No blog or website.

Yes, this is possible, but not as advantageous.  I’m not going to go over much here, but for more information on this aspect, check this article out:

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

The similarity with having no website or blog would be that you would only just spend your time promoting your affiliate link over social media with some short posts.

Which way to go.

This again depends upon your goals and the time you have to manage your business.  If time is an issue for you, then maybe having just a website would be ideal for you.  Your main function would then be just to promote what you are offering.  You would be spending time creating short simple posts that would be sent to social media, boards and forums.

Now, if time isn’t that big of an issue, then you’d want to have a blog.  You’d still promote, but you’d also create content on a regular basis.  This is the better way as you would create more exposure of what you are promoting to your audience. 

A hidden advantage to a blog is that rather than creating a new landing page for a new product or service, you could write about it and just share it as a post.  All centralized via your blog instead of having to go to the trouble of promoting yet another site.

Need help.

If you need help with content creation, we got your back on this.  There is a ton of help with Affilorama that I am affiliated with and you can get help there.

If you choose not to have either a website or blog and just promote your affiliate link, that’s okay, but not as advantageous, but it can be done as mentioned above.

Proof of Performance.

With, I’ve already made my choice, I write content and promote.  The more exposure you give yourself, the better traffic and sales you’ll acquire.  Traffic is your life blood and if you have very little or no traffic, then there is no life for your website or blog.  This is why the more content you create and the more promotions you do, the greater the traffic you’ll experience.  You’ll have to be dedicated, and patient while you are doing this as it does take time to see results.

The aspect of blogging demands that you frequently update your blog as lack of updates can hurt your progress.  So if you are not prepared to be blogging consistently , then the website option would be best for you. (or no website at all as mentioned)

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