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How To Keep Going When Your Path Isn’t Clear

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If you were the hiker In the picture above, do you know where you are going or are you just taking your chances that you’ll arrive at your intended destination?  Most hikers have an idea where they are going, do you? 

If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing or you’ve already started your journey and on an up hill journey, we can give you a clearer path to follow.

Starting any journey, whether it be business, or otherwise, you have to have some guidance to have any chance of success. 

So which are you? 

A newbie starting out


One who has started his/her journey


In some ways they are one and the same, except the one who hasn’t started is lacking the basics of the business.  Both would be undergoing the learning process, except one has some experience and the other doesn’t

One really important reality check is that this is a process and it takes time.  You can’t expect to be an over night success.  It can take up to a year just to make some money.  It can take 5 to 7 years to be really successful.  Yes, that is right 5 to 7 years.  If you’ve heard different, then it’s either a fairy tale or a rare experience. 

Why is this so? 

Two reasons – 1, exposure in getting your business noticed and trusted, and 2, experience and knowledge as it is a learning experience.

If you keep at the process and follow it and stay consistent, it will work.  But, like any process, you have to work at it for it to succeed. 

Process = consistent posting and promoting of content about the niche you are representing.  You can’t work at it a few days, and then let it go for a while and get back to it.  You have to stick to it and be tough and persistent. 

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Fight or flight.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going a well known saying.  But, where are they going when it gets tough?  Are the tough abandoning ship or are they bracing for battle?  Those who are not well equipped are probably abandoning ship.  How equipped you are can determine your outcome.  Another factor that can play an important part in your efforts is your WHY.  If you why isn’t strong enough, then you could be in for bumpy waters.  If your why is as weak as a leaf in the wind, who knows where you’ll end up.  So if things seem tough for you now, it’s all part of the process.  If you are new, just remember it’s a process.

Success points.

When you start getting sign ups and making sales, the more you get the more confidence you’ll develop.  Sign up will likely come first but as they do, sales will come.  The ratio of making a sale is like 1 click in every 100, but don’t let that discourage you, it takes time to grow a business online. 

So, do you have the following skills:

Discipline, integrity, stick-to-itiveness, determination, focus, drive & goal setting

These are some of the skills that help forge a strong foundation in creating a business.  Yes, there are many more including the skills necessary for blogging such as knowledge of wordpress, typing, and working with images to name a few.  But, you need the ones listed above to granitize you on your journey so nothing stops you from reaching and attaining your goals.

The Best Way.

The best way to start this business is to do it part time as a side job while you work your “day job”.  The reason being that you are not trying to forge this business quicker down the road to make money NOW.  Which is next to impossible.  Affiliate marketing can’t be rushed.  Yes, some will have more success than others.  That’s a matter of demographics, skills & knowledge.  But again, if you follow and stick with the process, you’ll eventually get there.

By following the process and sticking with it, you as the hiker in the picture will know where you are going and will arrive at your destination. 

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The main intent of this article is to motivate you and equip you into being able to stay on the right path when diving into affiliate marketing.  Any process takes time and there will be hills and valleys.  You have to be able to navigate through those times.  The beginning is always the toughest and that’s were determination and persistence comes in.  If you are reading this post, then I must assume that you have some interest, otherwise why would you be here.  Any journey can be scary and filled with doubt and fear.  But, consider this, with what you have access to via the companies that I am affiliated with, you have access to top notch products, lessons, and content to support you.  so, if you diligently follow the process and make uses of what you have access too, you can’t go wrong.  If I can make money online, so can you.  And you don’t even have to go through what I did, I had to learn it all the hard way.  So with what you have access to, you’re ahead of the game. 

Getting Started.

Now’s as good time as any to get your feet wet.  There are 3 easy steps to take to start you journey into affiliate marketing.  The only obligation you have is the effort you have to make during the process.  So if you want to change, the journey awaits.  Nobody else can do it for you and only you can change your future.  It takes only one click to begin and it only takes a lack of a click to loose out on what awaits.  Check out our Getting Started page for the 3 easy steps and take actions today!


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