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How To Increase Your Commissions For Beginners

Looking to make more affiliate commissions online?  You may be surprised as to what your greatest asset is in accomplishing this.  Is it option 1 – your cell phone, option 2 – email list, or option 3 – your website ?  All 3 of these answers are good, but the one that stands out is the email list.  Your email list is your core audience that you can send information, and offers too on a regular basis.  The advantage of using an email list is that you can direct your audience to your most profitable pages.  Yes, making use of email lists would require a website to accommodate the list.  So if an email list is your greatest asset, what would be an important asset that goes right along with having an email list?  If you guessed an “autoresponder”, you’d be right.  There many worthwhile services online to accommodate your needs for having an autoresponder.  With Timabeck.com, we use mailpoet, which Is available in the wordpress repository. 

Once you start building a list; Autoresponder is used to stock your list, send follow ups & broadcasts, build relationships with your subscribers and make more money for you clockwise.

Here are a few underlying advantages of autoresponders:

  1.  Power of automating your business
  2. Being in touch with your prospects
  3. Follow up and broadcast at will
  4. Without autoresponders, you’d be leaving money on the table

If you are building a list and all you are doing is auto-sharing your most recent posts, you are wasting this most important asset.  I wouldn’t even bother having a list if this is all you are doing.  Think of the money you could be making.

Now as far as the type of products to sell, I would recommend digital products as they generally pay higher commissions than physical products. 

Digital products include Downloadable Video Courses, Ebooks or even online links where the content is online. These come in the form of digital downloads which are form as the buyer doesn’t have to wait for a package to arrive to access them.

If you don’t mind some leg work, there is another profitable way to get the word out and draw interested traffic to your website.  This comes in the form of Flyers that contain pull tabs at the bottom with your website address and/or email address on the pull tabs.  Just create a flyer with you promotion and distribute your flyers to public bulletin boards that permit this.  Not everybody has a computer, but lots of people have cell phones and can access the internet that way.  So for those who aren’t online all the time, distributing flyers with your details can help get the word out.  The thing about this is that you’ll have to replace the flyers now and then.  Some places may have limitations or requirements about displaying certain kinds of advertisements on their bulletin boards.  Don’t knock this form of advertising as it can impact you positively.  You just have to be willing to let your legs do some walking (and driving).

Some affiliate marketers probably wouldn’t think of email lists or promotional flyers, but these forms of communication can and do work.  When I was promoting weight loss products, I used flyers and people do indeed pull that tabs off the flyers.  After all, if you are out and about, and have to stop for gas or a bite to eat, these places are most convenient to post these types of flyers. 

Distributing flyers also indicates how valuable email lists would be.  You are using the flyers to promote your business and customers would have to go to your website to sign up for more information.  This could not be done if you didn’t have an email list.  I know, who wants to take the time to create and distribute promotional flyers.  People who want to go the extra mile to succeed that’s who.  It’s up to you, how bad do you want it.  Websites, email lists, promotional flyers can go hand in hand in generating those commissions you want so much.  Then you ask, hey wait a minute, this is an online business, why would I need flyers?  The answer is – I already answered this.  A lot of people don’t have computers, just cell phones.  The only thing you have to be concerned with here is that will what you sell be able to be downloaded to a cell phones or other mobile devices. I mentioned using flyers to reach those people who aren’t surfing the Internet on a regular basis. 

A lot of people who have affiliate business rely on word of mouth advertising, which in itself is good.  But, imagine where you can go by having your business fully automated.  You could literally be sleeping and making money at the same time. 

Another way to increase your commissions is to make sure you utilize any trainings your affiliate sponsor offers.  You never know what secrets they have that can help catch your affiliate business on fire.  You see, if you win, your sponsor wins.  So they are invested in your performance.  So if you haven’t taken any of their trainings, jump on board today!  You’ll be glad you did. 

Now if this is all new to you and you haven’t even started an affiliate business, no worries.  We have the answer for you.  We here at Timabeck.com are dedicated to your success. 

We offer FREE lessons and premium video courses to support your efforts.  You just have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and go to work.  We actually discuss two different but very similar forms of Internet Marketing. You’ll learn about these as you dive deep into our free lessons. These forms of Internet Marketing that we’ll discuss can actually complement one another if done right.  Our Free lessons have no time limit; you can review them at your own pace as each one comes into your inbox.  These lessons are free and are of no obligation to you except for your own desires to see them through to your success. �z��~��

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