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How To Have Your Own Website

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With the fact that the need for websites are still in high demand especially since most companies are focusing online for mobile devices and making optimized websites, having a website is a good move.

Whether you are starting a business either online, or just a home based or brick and mortar, going online can be a wise and profitable move. 

It’s becoming more and more easier and available for anyone to create their own website.  Ranging from basic to experienced skills. 

You don’t even need a web developer to do it for you. 

Wanting a website.

I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me in asking me to build them a website to which I had to decline due to the fact that I don’t have the time as all my time is devoted to my own site issues.

Build your website

If you’ve never built a website before, don’t assume that you can’t do it.  There are options for those with little or no experience that can help get a website or blog created fast.

There are helpful tutorials and resources designed to help you with the options available for website design.  Don’t assume that you have to know everything.

Fortunately, I’m affiliated with three company’s that provides all the services needed for your website needs. 

For basic users with little or no experience, we recommend where you can even create a website for free.  You can check out our sample site that I created at  This is a sample only, and none of the options in it are real.

With the above sample you can see the quality of a site that you can have even for free.

Host your site

For Experienced Users.

For those with experience and prefer to have full control of what you are doing, there is another option that has it all and it is with 

Hosting, website design and more is covered with  Among the services, wordpress is available.

There are different plans to choose from and your site can run up to 500% faster according to 

Your site on is safe and secure with backups and security keeping your site safe thus holding onto your visitors and credibility.

Another option.

There is another option that specializes in themes, it’s called Themeco, check them out for more details.

The power of automation.

When you have your own website or blog, and if you are having an online business with it, you harness and make use of the power of automation where you could literally make money while you sleep.  This benefit alone makes having a website very attractive.

This power is why the Internet can be an automated cash machine that can generate money right to your bank account.

Location and getting the word out.

Your location on the internet is similar to that of a piece of land or real estate that you would sink a lot of money into for your business.  Either way, brick and mortar, or internet location, you’d have to get the word out that you exist.  This is with the combination of your content posting and promotions that you’ll be doing.

Whether it’s affiliate marketing or some other form of online marketing, promotions will always be necessary.

Your website.

Planning, designing and creating your website is only the first phase of your overall business.  The very moment you go online, start collecting your visitors email addresses.  Don’t delay this all-important aspect of your online success. 

The second phase is actually the launch phase when you “open” your doors to the world.  If you need a method to do this, I recommend to capture your email addresses.

Get your website.

There is no reason why you can’t have your own website, especially if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and make effort to put one together.  Go to our “Get Your Website” page to get started today!

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