How To Have A Part Time Affiliate Marketing Business

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Affiliate marketing can be done part time which is good for a lot of people who can’t devote too many hours to it.  However, this is a difference between having a part time affiliate marketing business and a part time job.  We’ll reveal the differences and the tips to running a successful part time affiliate marketing business. 

Part time job vs Part time Affiliate Marketing.

With a part time job, you work a set number of hours and get paid for those hours worked.  Guaranteed money that you expect for the time you put in.  Whereas with a part time affiliate marketing business, you are essentially self-employed building a business.  Affiliate marketing is not a paid job, you only get paid for the commissions you make on each sale.  The more customers you draw the higher the number of commissions you can make.

The bonus for having a part time affiliate marketing business is that it can grow on you.  So, if you are working another job, after sometime, your AMB (affiliate marketing business) can grow and first become a supplemental income.  With part time, it will take longer to build your business, but as you can devote more time, your business can grow into a bigger opportunity for you.

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Tips to make your part time affiliate marketing business work.

1)- Automation – This is the big one, it’s highly recommended to have a website or blog as it would increase your chances of being successful.  You could literally make money while you sleep.  If website design is not high on your skill list, there is an easier option to create your site and that would be through  You can create a free website with  You don’t have to go “all out” when creating a website.  You really just need a way to share your posts and collect your readers email addresses.

Have an online presence – At the very least, you need to get on some of the more popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram.  You’re taking advantage of their overall traffic to help build your business.

2)- Your hours – You need to set a consistent schedule for your business with the hours you feel you can devote to your business on daily to weekly basis.  The importance of consistency leads you to not only following through with your business, but your content will be flowing consistently for your readership.

Consider that if this were a job, you’d be expected to show up for work, so if you want to succeed, you need to show up for your business.  Besides, if it is important to you and if you want it to work out, you need to do the work.

Just because you work part time doesn’t mean you can’t take a day off, just don’t take too many days off.

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3)- Content Creation – Whether it be for your content that you compose for your readership or your promotions for the products you offer, you want to put them out as high quality as possible.  Because you are part time, don’t rush through the work.  Do your research and compose your content.  When you finish your posts, you should schedule them so they can auto-post to social media on selected days and times.  This gives you the opportunity to get ahead schedule with your work.  WordPress makes this feature freely available. 

 Your posts should include your affiliate ID that your readers can click on.  You can either display your affiliate ID or embed it within words. 

4)- Daily routine – There is no set in stone routine when doing affiliate marketing, but to give you a starting point you can follow this one:

     a)-  Research for your content

     b)-  Compose content from notes on research including affiliate ID where appropriate

     c)-  Publish / schedule posts when ready

     d)- Promote products to social media sharing your affiliate ID

     e)- Answer any emails or social media requests as they come in.

     f)-  Bookkeeping – check sales from website and record commissions…

This is a crude schedule but it gives you an idea what can be done each day.  You can modify this as you see fit as you go.  The more experienced you get, the more changes you’ll make with this routine.  This was just to give you an idea of what a daily routine could look like.

I created the following post for those who wanted to start an online business having nothing to do with affiliate marketing to follow through with the business in moving forward.  This article is a good source to follow with your affiliate marketing business.  Just follow what makes sense, keeping in mind that you are at least part time.

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5)- Step By Step – There is a step by step beginners guide to affiliate marketing available through Wealthy Affiliate if which I am affiliated with that can empower you to having your own successful affiliate marketing career.


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