How To Grow Your Email List Using Facebook

With how Facebook continues to rapidly change, is it still worth your effort to build your email list from them.  The answer is Yes, making a great first impression to potential customers can be done using Facebook pages.  With the many changes that Facebook continues to make, you want to make sure you can reach your existing customers.  To do this, you want to build an email list. 

Want to be able to reach your contacts / customers directly at your will?  Having an email list lets you do this.  You can even track your results and see which contacts are taking advantage of your content. 

Here are some options to consider to build your email list using Facebook:

  1.  Email signup page on Facebook – Let people sign up for your content via a signup app.  Their Constant Contact Apps are not completely free.  They offer you a free trial.
  2. You could create a “Learn More” button on your page with a link to your website to sign up for your content.  This is a better alternative to paying for an App.  With this option, your customers would “leave” Facebook and be on your website to sign up.
  3. Advertising – You could run a Facebook Ad to draw traffic to your website.  You’ll want to make use of Facebook’s  Ad Targeting Features to focus your add to the right audience.
  4. Using your cover photo on Facebook, add something that calls attention to your newsletter so people take notice and sign up.
  5. Create a Facebook Group and make it Free to gain more people to the group.

Gaining Opt-in’s for your email list.

Everyone on Facebook as an About page, a great place to put a link to your website and opt in page for your newsletter.  It doesn’t matter if they have to leave Facebook to go to your website, after all your website is really where you want them to be.  Now if you are only using Facebook and do not have a website, then you’ll need to incorporate your email opt in throughout Facebook where you can.  Places such as the About Page, Your Page and so fourth.  Not having your own website, means you are probably using a stand alone source for your email list such as Mailchimp or Mailer Lite.

Other ways you can motivate people to sign up for your list is to run a contest, or live event.  You can also offer exclusive content to your readers.  Facebook also has a call to action button that you can make use of.  In our page, I use the Learn More button as a form of call to action for those interested.  See picture below.

Keeping one’s expenses low is usually the mindset of those starting out.  One thing you can do when writing posts especially those that go to Facebook, is to add a link anywhere in or throughout the post that one can subscribe to your newsletter or other type of content you have to offer.  You don’t always have to rely on the premium apps that are offered in social media sites such as Facebook.  As I mentioned earlier, I am accomplishing the same thing with using Facebook’s Learn More button rather than to use one of their premium apps.  Why spend the money if you don’t have too. 

Optimize Facebook Page

You can also optimize your Facebook Page with is a free service to help you optimize your Facebook page.  It will give you insight on where you need to improve your Facebook page for optimum performance.  Likealyzer will guide and show you where to make improvements to your Facebook Page. 

Create a Milestone.

Create a Milestone to further promote yourself and drive more traffic to your page.  You can do this by going to your Facebook page and click on the 3 dots (***) along side the Like, Follow and Share buttons.  A menu will appear, scroll down and select Create Milestone.  This is simple and you can create more than one.  Each time your business progresses beyond a certain point, this would be a good opportunity to promote that on Facebook.  What you create isn’t permanent and you can edit or delete your milestone at any time.

See you don’t always have to pay for ways to draw traffic to your page, I‘ve shard several items already that you can quickly put into action without spending a dime.  The more creative you get, the more you can save in not only drawing traffic to your site, but in other areas as well. 

Creating an Email List.

If you need help in the area of building an email list, we have the resources to help you do this.  If you don’t know much in this area, fear not, we have an option that can help you in this area.  Before I give you the details, I recommend that you sign up for our FREE Lessons to have access to our proven methods that can be beneficial to your efforts.  You are under no obligations and can unsubscribe at anytime.  Now to get you started developing your email list,  Check out and start growing your email lists.  Check out Optinmonster via my affiliate link:

If you don’t know much about Email Lists, this is the perfect for you.  Regardless if you have a website or not, having a Email List is of paramount importance.  You want to be able to automate your business and this course will get you on your way.  What better way to be able to automate your business by having a Email List that you can link to your Facebook Page or other Social Media sites you may have.

OptinMonster has all the tools and resources your need to understand email marketing.

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