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How To Get Your Blog Going In A Successful Direction

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Deciding what to blog about can be one of the hardest aspects of starting a blog.  Not surprising as it’s very important as blogging is highly competitive.  Sure, everyone can start a blog, but how you go about it can really make a difference.  You just don’t create the blog and start writing.  In a simple world, that would be cool.  I’ve seen online that there is well over 30 million bloggers creating a huge amount of competition.  So, if you really want to start blogging and don’t want to waste any time going in a positive direction, you’ll want to take advantage of these tips that will empower you on your journey.  Laying a strong foundation is part of the mix.

Let’s first go over the foundation:

Niche Specific.

This is the very first or most important aspect of starting a blog.  You should give careful consideration to what you want to write about.  Changing midstream is a very hard process to endure and you don’t want to go through that.

You need to evolve yourself as a go to expert of a given niche by focusing in a manor of hyper specialization on your chosen niche.  Gain as much knowledge and skills as you can to bring about yourself as a person of influence.  If someone know you, then when thing of a specific topic, they think of you.  Our main function with is to help beginner affiliate marketers get a good start in building their affiliate marketing careers.  We believe that laying that all important foundation is vital in your future.  Our main niche centers on Affiliate Marketing Beginners.

web hosting

Hosting matters.

Now that you’ve found your niche, or assuming you have, it’s time to find your host.  This is very important as not all hosts are created equal and there are options out there to avoid.  Why am I talking about this here when you’re more concerned about blogging?  Because you don’t want to find yourself having to migrate to another host later on.  That can be hazardous if not done right and that’s for another post. 

 We do recommend avoiding the free hosting sites as they sound good at first, but there are some hidden realities with these types of sites.  Sites like these include Wix and Weebly to name a few.  You’ve probably seen these sites before as they have very strong marketing campaigns.  It is very attractive and fair that sites like these offer free plans.  But, on the other hand, at some point, you’ll run the risk of surpassing your site’s resources and need more capabilities as they do have their own limitations.  Nowadays it’s getting more affordable to host your own site.

If you are planning on building your own blog or website, we have some tips for you to get that done right!  Check out  How To Create A Website From Scratch.

Now that your site is up, let’s get writing: 

Feed The Demand.

When writing blog posts, this is vital and you should only be writing about what people want.  This is feeding the demand that exists all over the internet.  If you just blindly write about anything, then you would be hurting your chances of any progress.  How do you go about satisfying the demand?  You start with good keyword research.  Some options to use in keyword research is google trends and a keyword research service.  When you do keyword research, you also want to pay particular attention to the search trend itself.  If it’s flat lining, then that would be a red flag to avoid as there is no interest.  There is a keyword research tool that I use and it’s with and it’s free too.  There are many tools and services available on this site and I highly recommend  Your posts should be based on the keywords you find to ensure that you are satisfying the demand of what’s out there.  I’ve wrote many posts on blogging mistakes and not going in the right direction is key as this is what you want to be concerned with.

improve your search engine rankings

On Page SEO.

This will further along your keyword efforts and help bring about more traffic.  There is a plugin called SEOPress found in the wordpress repository that I use and highly recommend.  It takes all the work out of SEO and keyword usage.  Check out 10 Tips On SEO Mistakes To Avoid.

Good Copywriting.

How you write, can make all the difference.  Avoid long paragraphs as people are only in it to get what they are looking for, not necessarily to read your post.  Check out 7 Good Copywriting Tips For Beginners.

As the Eyes see it.

You want to make amazing eye-catching headlines that grab your readers attention.  This can make a difference in having readers look at more than just your headline.  They won’t pass you bye as they will take a closer look at what you are talking about.  Most of the time your articles are seen in social media and any attention to your article is usually done in social media, so having a very good headline makes the difference. Next would be your introduction.  You want your readers motivated in such a way that they actually end up on your website.  When you post to social media, we recommend that you only post an excerpt of your blog post to further motivate your readers to land on your website to read more.

Update older content.

If you want to keep your readers happy, you need to make sure your content is up to date.  As things to change and there could be things you wrote about in the past that may need updating.  Even mistakes happened, oh no wait?  Mistakes you say?  Bloggers make writing mistakes?  Yes, you do even I do.  It’s  a good idea to read through some now and then, you never know what you could run into like I did recently.  You should keep your content in a manor called “evergreen” so as things change, your content is okay with it.  The article I found will help you in making your content green.


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