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How to get ranked on search engines

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It seems like the rankings war never ends and we’re all so obsessed with rankings on Google, but how about other search engines?  Just because you set with Google or at least trying with Google, doesn’t mean you okay with other search engines.  Want to change that?  We’ll go over these and many more steps below.  The first thing you need to do regardless how far you take this is sign up for a Google My Business account which is FREE.  You may continue reading, but please do this first as it is important if you plan on following what is outlined here in.

Think about this, if you’re ranked with more than one search engine, can you imagine the effect on the traffic you’ll receive? 

Some search engines like Bing recommend importing your data from Google My Business which makes setting up an account with Bing (and others that do it this way) easier and faster to set up an account.

Getting Ranked.

Having the right blend of keyword usage and high-quality content will have the right attraction of organic traffic coming your way.  Having a lot of natural backlinks from external websites will have a positive impact on traffic as well.  The search engine uses this information for ranking purposes.

Think SEO

High Quality rules.

Search engines are like Dobermans with drooling mouths watching for high quality content.  So, if you want noticed, then concentrate on high quality SEO in addition to keywords.

Each search engine has their dissimilarities.  One search engine may concentrate more on one thing while another looks at something else, such as Google and Yahoo.  Yahoo concentrates on-page factors such as keyword density, keywords in headings where as Google doesn’t as much.  This information while in a summary is from Craige Stacey @

 Yahoo Ranked.

To get ranked on Yahoo, simply get listed on Yahoo, which means being included on one of their index pages.  Yahoo evaluates sites to be included in their index pages differently.  And they even created an express listing system.  Either way there is no guarantee that your business will get listed.  For more information on this check out  from   Dummies / Wiley Brand

DuckDuckgo ranked.

This search engine respects your privacy unlike others.  Duckduckgo relies on the here and now to give you what you need now.  DDG doesn’t index the web, but creates directories on other search engines.  It prevents search leakage unlike Google and others.  For more information on Duckduckgo check out


There is so much available on the Internet on getting ranked, trying to re-produce that in a post or two would not do it justice, so that is why I made reference to sites that have already made this information available.  For more information on getting ranked, check out this listing of available articles via Duckduckgo search engine:

improve your search engine rankings

Learn about SEO.

If you don’t want to spend time reviewing all of the information on the above links on getting ranked with search engines.  There is another way.  I became an affiliate of Affilorama and they have a treasure trove of information for affiliate marketers.  For more information on SEO, then you need to check out this article:  Search Engine Optimization.  There is a wealth of SEO information here to nail your SEO needs.

I know, there’s a ton of information crammed in to one post, which is why I gave reference to the sites with the information on ranking and then finally SEO. 


This is probably one of my shortest posts but I tried to cram what I could in a summarized fashion giving reference to the appropriate sites for information as I said.  So, in addition to getting ranked, if you haven’t signed up for our FREE Lessons newsletter, now’s the time.  You’ll have access to proven methods that many others don’t have.   Sign up here at

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