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How To Get Past Boredom For Affiliate Marketers

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Starting any career including an Affiliate Marketing Career can be exciting in the beginning, but after a while, and with a prolonged effort, for some, it can get to be a very tedious and boring effort doing the same thing week after week.  This is where you have to consider your “Why” for doing this business.  Your Why is your cement keeping you focused on your efforts.  When you start getting bored with what you are doing your emotional state is leading you to becoming disinterested in what you are doing.   This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that it’s taking a while for you to achieve what you are striving for and it’s becoming harder than you expected or envisioned.

So, you are getting bored because…

  1.  It’s taking longer than expected to achieve things, or
  2.  You are doing the same thing day after day, week after week, or
  3.  Am I lacking Confidence?

How do you get past your boredom?

  1. Reconsider your Why – reexamine your reasons for doing this business.  Check out our article on How Important Is A Strong Mindset?
  2. What are you doing? – Are you doing anything wrong?  Go back to the basics.
  3. Increase your knowledge – Get access to proven methods, check out our Getting Started Page to learn how to earn more affiliate commissions. 

Don’t go in circles.

Don’t find yourself going in circles finding that if this doesn’t work, on to the next.  Each time you take on something new, there can be obstacles that can stop or slow you down.  Going onto something else only slows you down even further or worse, “dead in the water”.  Refer to option (a) above for reconsidering your why.  The dog chasing it’s tail gets nowhere fast except to be dizzy.  Don’t “circle back” which Is like returning where you were.  That is like waisted time and you’d not be as far ahead at this point if you went off to something else.  So instead of circling around, look into what is not working to figure out your next step.

Wrong thinking.

Believe it or not, the way you are thinking may not be on target despite how hard you are working toward your goals.  Consider these:

  1.  Thinking outside the box – Are you being creative?  Sometimes you have to do more than just what you learn to produce success.
  2.  Duplicating content – Don’t provide what is already out there.  Come up with what they really need and become more successful.
  3. The right niche – Don’t choose a niche that over saturated.  Popularity can be a bad thing and keep you from success.  A highly competitive niche can be a challenge to keep up with.
  4. Juggling Niche’s – Like keeping multiple plates spinning, can be a challenge and demands your attention be split into multiple directions.  Best thing to do is to start with one and only expand if you feel comfortable doing so.
  5. Persistence – Are you being consistent with your promotions & content creation?  These two are very important in driving traffic to your site.  It’s great if you get follows or likes, but it’s preferred if they end up on your website and at the very least subscribe to your email list.  Taking breaks for days and not doing any work on a consistent basis can damage your efforts.
  6. Lack of training – Perhaps you just started and the affiliate program you started with doesn’t have much in the form of training.  Don’t let that stop you as you’ve came to the right place.  Check out our Getting Started page for more details to get yourself on the fast track.
  7. No website – Don’t let this stop you, you don’t have to have a website to be successful, though having one is definitely encouraged.  Consider these 2 options:
  8.  Want a website — > Check out Ultimate Options For Website Hosting.
  9.  No website — > Click here for information for having no website.
Get past it

        Keys to consider.

  1.  Money – It’s best if you are not relying on money from affiliate marketing right away.  It’s best to do this as a side job kind of thing, to let it grow on you.  There are some premium products available to aide you in your affiliate marketing journey, but you are not required to purchase them unless you want to or are able to.   Use money strategically.
  2.  Time – Do this part time to start like mentioned above in item (a) and add time when able.
  3.  Research – This is a very important function for affiliate marketers, do plenty of research to stay on top of your game.  The more you know, the more you will grow.


         Boredom doesn’t have to be an obstacle or a wall.  Boredom is nothing more than an opportunity for you to grow and increase your knowledge to get past the point you are currently in.  You started this business for a reason, don’t let boredom become a snowball to disaster.  Realize that others were in your shoes, so if they can get past this, so can you.  All you need is knowledge to help further you along.  Take advance of your boredom and grow from it like others have.

        You see, with all that there is to help affiliate marketers, there is no reason to let yourself be held back.  Why do you suppose Timabeck.com exists?  This is one of those reasons, to help further along new and intermediate affiliate marketers move forward with their affiliate marketing goals.  Our blog contains a ton of content dedicated to affiliate marketers.  Affiliate marketing can be tough and does take time for it to succeed with.  You have to be dedicated, persistent, and patient when following the process in building a successful affiliate marketing career.  It can be successful and life changing, but one has to stick with it and work hard toward it.

       To gain access to proven methods and further yourself along with affiliate marketing, you can check out our Getting Started page and follow our 3 easy steps to open the doors to proven methods and have what others don’t have.  Check out  https://timabeck.com/getting-started.

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