How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Everyone is searching for ways to draw traffic to their websites.  Basically the path is narrow, and few get there  (at first).  If you want to get past it, then the secret is to only do what works.  It takes time, but persistence pays off. 

Let’s go down that path together, and I’ll show you the way.  I’ll also go over what to avoid while taking this journey.

Here are some Affiliate Marketing Traffic Tips to consider:

Let’s grow organically.

Your main traffic source is organic traffic.  Those who search for content online that you have posted on your blog.  This is your main source that you want to be most concerned about.  One of the benefits of this traffic is if you get people finding your site this way, you really know for sure that people are finding your blog simply by doing a search.  To ensure this, you want to do keyword research that will help you find the most effective key words to put in your posts.  A good a reputable site to use for keyword research is  This site provides many free tools including one for keyword research which is really reliable.  The reason why this type of traffic is the most important is that you know that people who find your site are those who are definitely most interested in what you offer.  And if you keep your content in the green (evergreen) your need to keep it fresh or updated won’t be as great.

Let’s grow socially.

Your second most important source is of course, social media.  You do want to be careful here as some or most of this type of traffic typically doesn’t go any further than your social media that you post too. Only a select few make it through to your blog.  Think of your social media sites you have as moons around your planet.  It’s nice that they are there, but until they land on your earth (your blog) they are not really there.  This type of traffic is indeed important, as it’s better than no traffic at all and they are at least being exposed to what you have to offer.  When you post here, your posts should have links to both your content as well as any premium offers you have for them to take advantage of.  Otherwise, you could be missing out on sales.  One also wants to make sure those links are live and up to date.  Mistakes can happen that cause interested parties to find old or expired offers.

If you find that it takes time to post in each site including your blog, wordpress offers some plugins to assist in auto posting to social media which can the time out of posting.  One little secret that I will share here is that I created a second behind the scenes website that does all my promotions and directs all attention to my main website.  The thing about this is that Google is very particular about the type of content it rates.  Doing what I did doesn’t interfere with my ratings as my promotions aren’t coming directly from my main site. And I don’t have to be concerned about any ratings on my secondary site.  You want to be careful on costs though, hosting can add up. 

Growing in other ways.

Other suggestions to consider are classified sites that you can advertise what you have.  You can also join other affiliate group type sites that are there to help you evolve in your business.  Just be careful on what they offer.  You don’t want to be talked into something you are not prepared for or leads you in another direction. 

Growing with Email Traffic.

The neat thing about emails is that they can be forwarded to others.  While this is true and you would think that this could  keep people from signing up for your FREE lessons or products, these emails contain links to your blog or website which is important.  While forwarding isn’t the preferred method, it’s for sure, acceptable.  This is kind of like word of mouth in the form of an email.  So if one or two of your subscribers forward one of your emails they get to a potential new customer and that rocks!  This is another form of referral traffic.  Yes, you would hope that they would sign up too. If you need to setup an email list to help promote your business online, we have a Monster that will eat up your competition, check out today. Here is my affiliate link to see for yourself what they have:

What to avoid.

Your first notion is to “do only what works” and avoid everything else.  One thing that I came across is traffic engines.  They may indeed lead people to your site.  However I encountered one fatal flaw about these sites.  You may indeed see your visitor stats increase.  That’s great, or so it would seem.  If it weren’t for the fact that the average duration time is in the seconds.  That is where the flaw comes in.  What good are those visitors if they aren’t on your blog or website long enough to show any interest in your content.  I found a traffic sight that I really liked and joined it.  Then when I discovered reality, I quit.

You should also avoid paying for traffic starting out.  As a beginner, you want to make money not spend money.  This is true especially if your budget is tight.  Pay Per Clicks and other forms of advertising can get expensive and become a money pit if you are not careful.

What Works.

As I was mentioning this previously, you only want to do what works.  Going with that, you don’t want to over extend yourself to the point where you are so busy, nothing else can get accomplished.  You do want to work “Craszy Hard” but not to the point where there is no “me” time or time with family.  There is a balance to be maintained.  If you lose your balance, that won’t be all you’ll lose.  You can work hard and still have a life.  I’m very busy and I still get to have time.  So, If I can do it, you can do it.

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