How to get free traffic to affiliate links

Traffic is the life blood for any online business.  It’s as important as being able to breathe under water.  Without traffic to your website, you’re stuck.  So lets go over some very important tips and techniques to get FREE traffic to your website or blog.

Valuable Content.

The more valuable content you offer, the better your reputation will be online.  Your readers will come to know that what you offer is thought provoking and offers actionable advice.  The more real your info the better.  Using real life data and examples will go far in impressing your readers.  Why bother composing a post if you are not going to put factual information in it.  It would be like telling a fairytale.  It would be of any help to your readers and wouldn’t do much for you as well. 

Get Active.

Choose about 4 or 5 social media sites that are popular, such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  This will help drive people to your website.  The more you post to your social media, the more trust you’ll build, the more traffic you’ll win to your website.  One cool trick is to have a auto poster plugin that can auto post your content to social media.  This will take some of the work out of your routine.  You don’t need to be on every single social media site out there.  Being on the most popular ones is all that matters, as they have a lot of traffic themselves.  Besides if you are like 20 different sites, that is a lot of sites to manage.  Keep it simple!  I had to learn this one the hard way.  In the past I was on as much as like 12 or 13, and you don’t need to go that extreme.  You should also stick to a consistent schedule when it comes to your posting.

High Quality Images.

To catch the attention of your readers, you’ll want to use eye catching high quality images that not only catch attention but impress your readers.  Posts that have images have more of a chance for views than without.  You can have the most insightful, well written blog, but if it doesn’t capture your reader’s attention, they’ll just pass you by.  Have you heard the saying “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words”, believe it!  You’ll want to use high quality images to have the greatest impact.   You’ll also want to put your keyword in the filename for the images you are using.  This is good for Optimizing your image.

Optimized Catchy Headlines.

As with pictures, you’ll want eye catching headlines that catch your readers eye.  Headlines whether in your post or email are important.  They are meant to grab your readers attention and spark their interest.  You only have less than a second to make a good impression to your readers with your headlines.  You should put numbers in your posts and to inform your readers as what to expect in the posts. This is the purpose of a well written headline.  The combination of your headlines and images go hand in hand in grabbing one’s attention and if used wright act as a magnet thus pulling your readers into the post.

Your Blog Posts.

The content you share on a regular basis is a great way to send traffic to your affiliate links.  You have the opportunity to share what your affiliate opportunity is at the same time from within your post.  The nice thing about this is that people can share your posts with others and thus driving new people to your links have a great chance of getting more traffic.  Plus if you are sharing your blog posts to social media, then your links will be shared virally speaking.  I do this all the time and it does work.  Whenever possible, make your posts evergreen and the content will always be relevant. 

Other options.

You can have your affiliate link(s) in your blog sidebar, in the signature area of your email, in your email offers you send out.  If you can think outside the box, you could probably come up with some exciting ways to share your link.  Just be careful that you are not infringing on any requirements with your affiliate company.  Now if you haven’t yet created your website or blog, we have a very good recommendation for you, create your own website / blog with  I am an affiliate of this site and you can be assured that it’s a worth while site to get your website up and running. 

Another option to try is promoting your website / blog with flyers that you can pass out to local businesses.  Some have bulletin boards for the public to use.  The tear offs would have your website details.  Potential customers would tear off the bottom cutoff and then go to your website / affiliate link and the rest is in your wallet.  The disadvantage of this option is that you have to replace your flyers now and then.  Also, you may have to ask permission sometimes with the business manager.  Usually this is no problem.

Ground Zero.

Now, if you were searching for information and haven’t even started your online business, we have your back!  You can start your journey with us.  Sign up for our FREE Affiliate Marketing lessons to forge a strong foundation and get your journey started today!  Our FREE Lessons come to your inbox.  Think you don’t have time, yes you do!  They are self paced and you can take as long as you like.  We do provide you the opportunity to check out the details of our Premium courses, but you are under no obligation to purchase anything ever.  We actually prefer that you sign up for the FREE Lessons before making any purchases as to get a good foundation in affiliate marketing.  For more information on our FREE Lessons check out and get started today.  You won’t be at ground zero very long, you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

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