How to Get Ahead in Advertising with Affiliate Marketing – Part 2

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Recapping – Advertising can be a double-edged sword depending upon how you go about it.  You can lose your shirt over the costs of adverting or make a bundle because of it.  For Seasoned affiliate marketers or those who do have extra cash, paid advertising is the way to go.  But don’t feel that this is a must to make things happen.  It only helps further things along and is not an absolute must have.

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Here are some tips to take advantage of paid advertising:

1)- Pay Per Click (PPC) – A form of internet marketing advertising, in which advertisers pay a fee for any time one of their ads is clicked. Basically, you’re buying visits to your site, rather than vying for organic visits to your site.   You need to be aware that some affiliate programs have stringent restrictions on PPC advertising, check your programs before using PPC.

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2)- Social Media Ads – These are paid advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites.  Advertisements can be bought through each platform’s ad network.  Each site may have their own separate rules and guidelines.

3)- Ad Space – Some websites sell AD Space that if you have your own banner add, you can purchase AD Space on another business’s website.  The advantage here is like social media, you’d be taking advantage of their volume of traffic.  You would want to make sure they are in a similar or related niche before buying AD Space.

4)- Promotional materials – Items like flyers, business cards, folders, etc. That you would have professionally done and distributed.  A good and reliable source would be  I’ve done this and Vistaprint is very high quality and reliable.  They even do T-Shirts.  I touched on Flyers with Free advertising in Part #1 because one can create their own free flyers to distribute.  Where as here you can go a step further and get what you need professionally done.

5)- Save Ahead – One kind of off base idea is to put aside funds each month until you get a reserve built where you can afford some online paid advertising.  Some social media sites offer very affordable rates for adverting.  This should help you get started for at least a little while.  Budget yourself accordingly for how long you want to advertise for.  It’s best to make sure you can afford it before making use of paid adverting.  Your goal is to make money and not lose it.

6)- Product choices – Never underestimate a product with low competition as they can help convert your audience into customers.  The number one rule is to give your audience what they want.  You’re likely to keep your audience with products that are of low competition if you are able to promote these products with success.  Make sure that you are in a niche that has a lot to offer for your audience.  Choosing the wrong niche early on can be costly.  If you find that your chosen product isn’t selling, you need to reexamine it and consider finding a replacement.  I had to do this and it was with great success. 

Just because you like what you’re promoting, doesn’t mean you should keep it.  Sometimes you need to alter course.  Always and I mean always strive for quality over quantity.  Your audience is very important to you and you want to take care of them.  I mentioned about product choices being important for paid advertising as you’re paying a price for the products you are promoting and you want to ensure the trust of your audience.  Promote only what you believe in. only promotes products that apply to our mission and that we approve of for the satisfaction of our audience.

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7)- Banner Ads – An oldie but goodie.  This style of advertising is still around and very effective.  If you’ve explored, you noticed that there are some banner ads here and there.  While they belong to the companies I am affiliated with, they are banner ads.  Create your free banner ad with Vistacreate.  Some premium options available, check out their pricing for details.

8)- Text Link Ads – These are text found on a website where the hyper-linked ad is linked to another website where the publisher is paying for the link that one would click on to go to another website for the product or information that the visitor is interested in.  There are a number of ways in which the publisher would get paid when a visitor clicks the link.  Some ways include either a flat fee negotiated for the link published or based upon the number of clicks the text link has received.

9)- Unicast Ads – Very much like television ads promoting what you are offering.  These are videos in the form of what you would see on television.  You can work with unicast with windows media services brought to you by which is a good source that I found online.

10)- Best resources for online adverting – There are tons of options available online that would take me forever to review and make mention here.  It’s best to do your own research for those that best fir your needs and requirements.  Here is a search for you to review and you should review with scrutiny as each source will be different and may not have what you want in all cases.


These were 10 good tips on paid advertising for you to apply to your campaigns.  You need to see how they work with your efforts.  For access to more proven methods, you can sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter and gain access to more resources by heading to our Getting Started page (if you haven’t already done so).  Having FREE access is an advantage that is very empowering for affiliate marketers. is an affiliate of  Sign up today as it’s FREE.  If you have already signed up for our newsletter, then proceed to step 1 and 2.

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