How to Get Ahead in Advertising with Affiliate Marketing – Part 1

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Advertising can be a double-edged sword depending upon how you go about it.  You can lose your shirt over the costs of adverting or make a bundle of cash because of it.  We at recommend for those who are beginners, to stay clear of paid advertising unless you have extra cash reserves available.  New affiliate marketers starting out should concentrate on making money rather than spending it on advertising for now.

 There are other free ways to promote your business that we will go over.  You can check out Part 2 for information on paid advertising.  You can see below the different free ways to advertise your affiliate link.

Online Presence

Tips on Free advertising:

1)- Social Media Sharing – Posting your promotions via social media where you have access to tons of traffic is a great way to advertise for free.  Others on social media can share what you post thus increasing the potential for more sales.  Here are some tips to help further your free advertising efforts to unlock free traffic to your website.

2)- Flyers – I keep mentioning this one as it does have its value – distributing flyers with pull-tabs at bottom (with your email address on tab) to public places such as gas stations and grocery stores.  They have public bulletin boards.  In some cases, you may need to ask permission to post.  I know this is not the same as online advertising but it does work.  The only drawback is you’ll have to re-distribute now and then due to used up pull-tabs or promotional changes.  I have done this with success.  See #5 below for word-of-mouth advertising.

3)-Classified Ads and Boards – You can advertise for free on some classified ads and bulletin boards.  These are a great way to get free advertising as you are taking advantage of their traffic.  To find more places to do free online advertising click here.

4)-Avoid these – There are some sites that frowns upon.  As we feel they give a sense of false hope.  I’m not going to name them but I will describe them.  Sites that give you free advertising if you get on them and view other sites that registered with them.   They award you with points to keep being able to be viewed by others.  Some look very hopeful, but in the end are not worth it.  The problem with these is that while one would see another’s site, are they really clicking on the site to look around?  Or are they just viewing and going to the next site just to get points?  That is the problem we have on these sites.  I was a member of one that I thought was really good until I realized what was going on.

Another draw back of these types of sites is that we as affiliate marketers have much more important tasks that we need to be concerned with than to spend lots of time viewing other sites just for points for the advertising we hope we’ll get.

5)- Word of mouth – You’d be surprised on how effective this is.  It would be to your best interest to have some professionally looking business cards made to hand out.  Word of mouth goes far beyond just you talking to someone.  When others discover your website and pass along to others what you offer, it’s like a wildfire spreading.  This is also a good reason to have flyers with pull-tabs made as I discussed previously.  The more exposure you create for your business, the better.

You never know, it may be one person taking more than one pull-tab from your flyer.

6)- SEO Keywords – For any content and promotions you publish, your keywords help drive organic traffic right to your website.  Do your best diligence in finding appropriate effective keywords to get the most of the traffic you can get to your site.  Some would say that this is really not advertising, but it does drive traffic like advertising would.

 7)- Email shareability – Just like word-of-mouth advertising, encourage your subscribers to freely share your emails that they get in their newsletters.  This helps drive interest and traffic to your site and even increase the chance of new subscribers.  Even though the newsletter is for subscribers, that doesn’t mean it can’t be shared.  It’s a powerful tool to help spread what you are promoting.

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8)- Encourage newsletter signup – Once someone signs up for your newsletter, they become part of your private audience and have access to more special content and offers.  Not really advertising but it does work.  Sign up for our newsletter today if you haven’t.

9)- Website Promotion – For more tips to abundantly empower you in driving traffic to your site, check out for the latest in marketing your business. 

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There are many ways to advertise your affiliate link for free.  These were some of the most popular ways to get your affiliate link out there to be seen.  There are also some paid ways to get this job done and we’ll expose that in Part #2.  If you haven’t yet signed up for our free newsletter, click here to sign up today.

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