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How To Follow Through With Your Goals Cont’d

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Previously, I just went over how to follow through with your goals and I wanted to elaborate on more of what you can do.  Goals are far more than a list of things you want to strive for.  A list of goals are nothing more than a wish list if you don’t put any action behind them. 

Food for thought.

A good way to look at setting goals, is to break down a scenario into 3 parts. 

  1.  Define the problem.
  2.  Set steps to solve the problem
  3.  Take action on those steps

It’s a very basic way to deal with setting goals on a specific issue.

If you have 8 steps to reach your primary goal, each step is like a smaller goal that you can check off each time you accomplish it.  The mere action of checking off an item on your list is enough to give you satisfaction on your way to accomplishing your goal(s).  That is very powerful as it helps with your confidence.

Simplifying Goals.

If need be, you could break down each goal/step in to smaller steps to help complete each step and make your efforts easier in attaining your primary goal.  This would mean like treating each step as an individual goal.


Primary goal:  Increase Sales

Step 1 – create promotions

Step 2 – proof read promotions

Step 3 – send promotions

Step 4 – create another round

Step 5 – proof read promotions

Step 6 – Send promotions

Step 7 – Evaluate progress

Step 8 – Track your progress based upon step 7

This was just a crude example of what you can do to simplify your goals.  It doesn’t have to be hard.

What is your strategy?

The Outcome.

You should think about the consequences of what will or won’t happen as a result of not following through.  Was your WHY strong enough to cement you in your journey?  So, consider this, let’s say this is you – you built a very professional looking website, have been posting, and got some results, whether it be monetary or sign ups, why wouldn’t you follow through with your goals with all that hard work you done?  That would be like building a house and then tearing it down and why would you want to do that?

Following through is like.

If you have a job, each task you do during the day at your place of work, is the same thing as following through.  If at work, you didn’t follow through, chances are you’d either get in trouble or fired for not doing your job. 

You are creating your own business and it is necessary for you to follow through with your efforts to achieve the outcome you are striving for.  Only you can do the work, as no one will be doing it for you.

Follow Through

How to…

You need to do some research on what you want to accomplish.  Then do some planning based upon you research.  At this point, set your goals and follow through and execute each step.  It doesn’t have to be hard as some people make it.

Regardless of what type of business you are building, if you don’t do any follow through, you just sunk your ship.  There are resources available that can be of great value to you if you want to push yourself ahead.

If you are at the point where you do wan to push ahead, check out our Getting Started page to persevere ====>  — If you already signed up for our FREE Lessons newsletter, then proceed to step 2 in the getting started page.

One of the biggest problems with not following through is a lack of understanding of what to do.


This post actually completes a series of 4 posts.  These were 1-8 Tips For Preparing For The New Year, 2-How To Set Goals For The New Year, 3-How To Follow Through With Your Goals and 4 -How To Follow Through With Your Goals Continued.  You should definitely by now realize just how important goals are in regards to the success of your business.  You should also now be aware of just how crucial it is to follow through with your goals. 

Setting and following through with your goals is actually the back bone of your efforts in this or any business.  It’s what actually “runs your business”.  If all you do is build the site and write a post now and then, you’re sunk before you got started.  There are what I call the Three P’s in this business and they are Plan, Publish and Promote.  All 3 go together and are really important. 

The build it and they will come days have been long over and you can’t just build a site and do an occasional post to expect any positive progress.  Even just posting consistently alone every week doesn’t guarantee anything, especially if you are new at this.  This is why I say you have to do the 3 P’s to make this happen.  But there again, what goes along with the 3 P’s?  The answer is “follow through”. 

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing, or up to an intermediate level, a good strong foundation is crucial in your journey.  There is 3 steps that you can follow to make a firmer foundation and that is by going to our Getting Started page as I mentioned earlier.  If you like the idea of a step by step plan which is included in step 2, this is for you.  If you’ve been up against a wall not knowing what to do or if you need more resources to get past where you are at, you’ve come to the right place.  You put yourself in the right position and you need to know that it does take time.  It’s time to make it happen and that’s why exists, to help lay that all important foundation.  Think you know a lot, you probably do, but what one affiliate marketer knows could be different from another. 

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