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How To Find Your Affiliate Marketing Micro Niche

Looking for the right niche to launch, develop and run a successful affiliate marketing business can be a challenging thing when you are just starting out.  There are many highly profitable niches out there and the trick is to find one that works for you.  Have you considered a Micro Niche?  What is it you ask?  It’s a description within a bigger area to section your audience. You can learn how to find yours and why you need this plan.  So to give an example of a Micro Niche, and since I am a runner, I will use shoes as the niche.  So a Micro Niche could be men’s or women’s running shoes, dress shoes, slippers, dancing shoes etc.   So you see it’s a portion of the main niche you are in.

There are advantages with working in a micro niche instead of a broader area or niche.  Some of these advantages include but not limited to: a) creating content is easier than for the niche as a whole, b) Chances for solving a problem for people is greater when working in a micro niche, c) your profit is greater from within a micro niche as people searching from within a micro niche already knows what they want, thus a bigger chance for a sale.

So, how do you identify your micro niche?  You can either use Google Trends or Social Media to look for micro niches.  Google Trends allows you to view trending topics and Social media allows you to see what people are talking about.

So, where do you start in finding your niche?

Here’s what you can consider when looking for a niche:  a) what am I interested in working with, b) what do people around me seem to be needing? C) what pains to others go through including my family?

Finding the Micro Niche.

First start by thinking about what you already know.  What are you knowledgeable about and what can you do best?  As an example, I know affiliate marketing for beginners, and that is where I concentrate on.  Seasoned or elite affiliate marketers wouldn’t have much to gain with what I offer unless they are searching for a new way to do things that we may have.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and move outside your comfort zone in picking a niche and do something you’ve never even thought of doing.  Growth is good for everyone. 

Not sure where to start In looking for a niche?  Check out Affilorama, they have tons of resources to aide you in all your affiliate marketing needs including finding a niche.  You can join for FREE.  I highly recommend Affilorama, as I am an affiliate with them.  They are packed full of good stuff to help you.


After you find and decide what micro niche to work with, how do you start working with them?

For starters, you should only concentrate your focus on one niche for now to do your best to become an authority of it before expanding to another niche.  It can take some time to do this and you don’t want to look like a fool or waist your audience’s time.   Some affiliate programs offer trainings that you’ll need to be concerned with in furthering your success.  I’ll discuss this later on in this post.

One suggestion for you, do you already know what your area of expertise is?  If so, how about writing an ebook about it and sell it online, It’s a great way to make money online.

Having multiple niches.

There are those who explore many niches, but to have a higher level of success, you should restrict your efforts to one niche starting out to increase your chances of success of purchases and conversions.

Another problem with focusing on more than one nice starting out is that your focus is divided and can create more work for you than needed starting out.  There is a lot of work involved in creating a website and a social media presence.  There is no exaggeration is “working smarter and not harder”.  Everybody wants some form of success, but in the beginning of one’s efforts, it’s best to keep your focus narrow minded to some degree.  . 

With trainings, research, article creation, adverting & promotions, your workload can get heavy.  So it’s best to follow the KISS method or in other words “Keep It Simple Stupid”.  Not at all implying that you are stupid, but ambition can kill your efforts if you are not careful. 

The Demands.

Some affiliate programs offer trainings that can be quite demanding, thus requiring you take a lot of time learning what they want you to in order to be successful for them.  This is where becoming an authority of your program comes in.  Afterall, if you want to climb their latter of success, you’d better be willing to play their game.  For some, this is like taking on a 2nd full time job, and this is true for the amount of training and work involved.

You may never expand to a 2nd or 3rd affiliate program or niche as your overall routine be not permit for that.  That is okay especially if you succeeding at it.  There is nothing wrong with being an authority with only one affiliate program or niche.  All the better for you in the demands that you would face.  Some may take on more than one, but that doesn’t mean you have too.  When the time is right to expand into another niche or program, you’ll know it. 

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