Choosing the right mentor

How To Find Your Affiliate Marketing Mentor

While starting an affiliate marketing can be exciting to some, it can also be a challenge.  The more assets you have at your disposal the better.  If you never done anything like this before, and therefore have no experience in this area, then you could be up for a challenge.  Consider having a mentor who knows what they are doing.  They’ve made the mistakes and can keep you from making all the mistakes they did.  If you have one, really listen to what they suggest that you do.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Seriously, I have a mentor and I still keep in contact with him.  You’ve heard the saying “Two heads are better than one”.  Well, yeah!  That saying holds a lot of weight.  Don’t be afraid to find one.  I was very fortunate, I kind of bumped into mine.  It’s amazing what you can learn at a picnic or party. 

Depending upon what affiliate program you choose, you may find someone who is doing it too and therefore you can connect with them.  Remember a mentor is not your boss, but they should or do have your best interest in mind.  You can tell if you mentor is has your best interest by the fact that every problem you hit, they get you around it.  Your mentor already has made the mistakes and has developed quite a knowledge base.  Having a mentor is invaluable if you can find one that is knowledgeable on the topic you are working with.  They should be able to answer any question you ask them, solve any problem you run into.  Yes, I am serious, if you want a mentor that is worth their weight in gold, then you want someone who is an authority or expert in the field, area, or topic you are working with.  Knowledge is power, and you don’t have time to waist when you have questions or problems that you need help with.  I am serious here, my mentor has help me knock down every wall or obstacle I ran into and that is priceless.

In searching for a mentor, ask yourself, have they really helped anyone?  Do they actually add any value to what you are doing, or are they all full of hot air and just brag.  Finally, do they respect your core values and your beliefs in what you are doing?  If they start asking for money, then it’s time to cut ties.  A good and reliable mentor would never need to charge you as they should have a deep desire to see others succeed.  The problem with mentors charging you is that the fees would be all that they are interested in and you don’t want to put money out when your ultimate goal is to make money.  It’s hard enough getting started, let alone having to put money out for something that you shouldn’t have to.

A good mentor will guide you in doing only what works.  He or she will be stern and work at keeping you focused.  If they feel that you are doing something that is a waist of time, they will tell you.  Good Mentors have tunnel vision and if they never heard of a way of doing something, they will imply “I’ve never heard of that” and recommend something that works instead of your idea.  Remember you are speaking to someone who “knows what they are doing”.  It may not always “feel” good when you get help from them.  This is normal as they are trying to get you to see things their way.  If they discover that you are doing something wrong, they will or should tell you.  Good mentors won’t do the work for you as if you don’t do it yourself, you won’t go through the experiences, emotions and effort in figuring things out and succeeding with what you are doing.  That is more important than you can even imagine.  If you find a good mentor and things are working out, latch on to him or her and never let go.  Keep in mind that they won’t be able to be with you 24/7 and you’ll need to work at things to get there.  If you persist and stick it out, you’ll get there.

No Mentor?

Now, if you don’t have a mentor and can’t find anyone that fits, fear not, can be your online mentor.  We’re available 24 hours a day.  We’ve partnered with Affilorama for your affiliate marketing needs.  So if there is advise or something you need, you’ll find it!  Some programs you join also have coaches that are available to assist you.  The one thing you should be concerned about is if you join something that has a “down line” and “up line”.  Then chances are it’s not an affiliate marketing program.  Programs like this are usually distributorships of some kind.  Some could be a Pyramid scheme and you need to be careful about them.  If you did choose a distributorship, your coach will do their best to help you but that’s only because your performance helps them too.  Personally I would avoid these.  When you get involved with these types of MLM’s, it can be quite costly.  I would jump ship fast.  Very few people really make it successfully with these types of businesses.  Their products may be top quality and they will do their best to keep you enticed, but, in the end, you may be putting out more than you are gaining.

You really should not have to put out any money when joining an affiliate marketing program.  If you do, it should not be all that much.  I have not paid any money with any of the affiliate programs I have joined in order to provide you top notch quality resources.

With, you can sign up for our FREE Lessons which really are in deed FREE.  And we can be your resource for online help.  You can find what you need with us and through Affilorama.

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