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How To Find The Internet Access Options That Best Fits You

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Not everyone has an ISP or a direct internet connection with a desktop pc or laptop to have access to the internet.  It’s nice to know that there are alternatives in getting online.  Don’t let this be a factor for you if you want or need online access.  Thankfully mobile devices are the answer.  Whether it be a cell phone, ipad, or tablet, you’d be good to go.  .

Mobile devices vs PC or Laptop.There are some obvious differences between the types of devices such as space and speed.  You can’t expect to be as flexible with mobile devices as you would be with a PC or Laptop computer.  But the job can be done as long as you can live with some minor limitations.  Websites have become mobile compatible to accommodate those who only have that type of internet access.  There are a lot of people who think they need a computer to be able to have email and that is obviously not true anymore.

Let’s look at the differences.

Mobile Devices                         PC or Laptop

Storage – Limited                      Storage – more space for software and other file types

RAM – Limited                            Can add more memory

Adding Devices – No                Adding Devices – yes – printer, external drive etc

Mobility – Yes                            Mobility – PC – Limited, laptop  – yes

Internet/wifi access – Yes       Yes

These were just some of the differences between the two devices.  As both give you Internet access, you should be able to get the job done depending upon how you go about it.

Mobile Device Types.

Mobile or Cell Phones – This is probably the most common and widely used mobile device.  You can do just about anything with cell phones as they have come along way.

Ipads – A larger and more capable mobile device than the cell phone

Tablets – An even bigger device than the previous 2 devices. 

Laptops – The biggest of the mobile devices with the most storage, speed and capabilities.

Each of these devices have the ability to give you access to the internet including email.  Basically, it’s all what you can afford and what works best for you and your situation.  If you are interested in affiliate marketing and have any of the above mobile devices, you should be able to start an effective affiliate marketing business.  The way things are today, there really isn’t anything that can keep one from starting this kind of business. 

Access without WIFI.

If you don’t have an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and you don’t have any kind of WIFI access, then using a Laptop would not be a viable option.  Tablets need a WIFI or ISP in order to connect to the Internet.

Ipads and Cell Phones (Smartphones) can access the Internet without a WIFI connection or ISP. 

Ipads are available in two options – WIFI only and Cellular Data Service Ipad.  Ipads that use the Cellular Data Service option function like a mobile phone.

The need for WIFI.

If you are in the need of WIFI and don’t have it yourself, there are places that provide it for free.  These places include:  a. Your local library, hotel room, some restaurants, coffee shops, friend’s house etc.  Don’t let the lack of a service keep you from what you need.  After you start your affiliate marketing business or other business, after a while, perhaps you could afford getting an ISP and get the kind of connection you need.

Best type of device.

For the purpose of mobility, the best type of mobile device is the mobile phone or smartphone.  You are not locked in to just using WIFI.  They are small, compact and can go anywhere. 

For the purpose of speed and storage, then the Laptop is the best based upon it’s RAM, and Storage capabilities.

Which one you pick depends upon your needs and cost effectiveness.

Where are you at?

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