How To Face Problems In Affiliate Marketing – Part #3

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I have a word for you, this word is what you’ve been building, and adding to in many ways all this time.  It’s called “Infrastructure”.  You’ve been struggling, building, evolving, learning, growing all this time which is all part of the process.  In part 1, and Part 2 I went over scenarios and ways to deal with struggling in your business that can help make things easier.  Yes, you have to go through all that to get to where you want to be in this business (or any other).

Why “Infrastructure”?

It’s what you’re creating all this time.  It’s the website/blog, all the content on your desktop or laptop.  It’s all the online social media and other web-based accounts you’ve created and/or joined.  It’s all the content you’ve posted to your blog.  It’s any digital products you’ve created.  As you grow, so does your Infrastructure.  It’s all part of the foundation you started to lay in the beginning. 

Why am I talking about this when you’ve been concerned about dealing with affiliate marketing problems?  The answer is simple, to get you to see that it takes time to amas all that you are putting together in this business.  When I started, in a short time, I amassed quite a lot and that has value.  Value in that you have put together a lot to offer your readership. 

One of the biggest problems affiliate marketer newbies face is that personally induced stress of wanting success overnight.  Not going to happen! 

You can do this!

On day 1.

On day 1 and up to a few weeks, you’ve only just begun, and what you’ve got together during this time, isn’t anywhere in comparison to what amassed in a few years.  There’s a lot of learning and development going on and during the first month or so.  This also depends on the choices you made during this time including building your own website as an example. 

Become solid.

Where ever you are in affiliate marketing, there are proven methods and steps that can be taken to help put / keep you focused and on target in affiliate marketing.  Even if you’ve been doing this for a while, proven methods can always grab you and place you where you need to be.  It’s kind of like being grabbed and pulled back in focus to what you are doing.  A correction of the process you are working with.  Our Getting Started page which has 3 easy steps to follow including a step-by-step beginners guide within step 2 can help maneuver you on your path to starting or continue forging a successful affiliate marketing business.  Even those who’ve been at it for a while, should review the step-by-step guide to see if there’s anything that needs corrected or added.  Sometimes you have to hit the reset button and re-examine how and what you are doing. 

Establish priorities

Establish Priorities.

You need to remember that you are human and not a robot, so it would be impossible to be on top of everything every single day.  I’m not, but I do keep everything in control.  You need to establish prioritize yourself as a blogger.  You don’t want to feel like you are at the foot of a very high mountain.   You do have a personal life and you need that time for both you and your family especially if you also have a full-time job in addition to blogging.  You need to create a list of priorities of what needs to be done with your blogging.  One’s person’s blogging priority list may be totally different than another. 

Whether you’re sending a monthly newsletter instead of a weekly one

Whether you respond to your readers questions often or on a schedule.

You may need more time to create quality content that is worth Googles ranking

Time to create a podcast whether it be weekly, biweekly or monthly

As much as there can be in this business, you can latterly create a full-time job out of it regardless if your business is making any money.

Simplifying your blogging.

Just like simplifying your life, creating a list of priorities will help you achieve a more simplified method of operation for your blogging life.  This way you’ll have a sense of balance between your blogging / job and family / personal life. 

There is a process to follow with blogging, perhaps you should review it as a starting point in creating your list of priorities.  Check out Back To The Basics In Affiliate Marketing.


As I mentioned previously about why I went over what you’ve been doing in creating your infrastructure, was to get you to see that it takes time to amas all that you are putting together in this business.  It’s a very important process that gets you want you want but not necessarily in the time you want it.  If you are looking for a get rich quick kind of thing, then found the wrong business.  As an example, Person A can find success in 4 years, while Person B could take 8 years to get there.  The average amount of time that is known for this to work is 7 years.  Everyone is different as so as their efforts.  We are all following the same process, but knowledge separates us all.  So, where ever you are at, take advantage of our proven methods that are designed to fast track your way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.  Our Getting Started page has 3 easy steps to begin this potentially lucrative process. 

Disclaimer – We make no promises or guarantees on your outcome, just that the process that is available is sound and does work.

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