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How To Face Problems In Affiliate Marketing – Part #2

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Have you given into fear and are considering giving up on your endeavors? I just went over what fear is all about in part #1.  Problems happen and the more you deal with them the more successful you’ll be.  Consider the more successful affiliate marketers, they’ve been where you’re at, and now they are way beyond your level.  If you want to get to where they are at, then quitting is not an option.  You need to learn how to be wall breakers and move past any issues you encounter.

Here are some steps to follow to get past these walls:

Do Research – This is probably the most crucial element in dealing with any problems you are faced with in affiliate marketing.  This includes reaching out to others you know who are doing what you are doing.

Find a Mentor – When finding a Mentor that knows what you are going through, you can get past many issues.  I have one and we still stay in contact.  A Mentor who is very knowledgeable should be able to get you past most of your issues.  If you find a mentor and they want to charge you for the help they give you, then you better sever ties with them.  A good mentor will not charge you but, they will give you information straight, be pushy at times.  They will not do the work for you as they expect you to learn.

The above 2 are probably the most important things to consider as both provide the tools and information you need to make breakthroughs.  If you don’t put forth the work, your mentor will know it and therefore avoid you if he or she is a good mentor in their own right.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – There’s a process to follow, don’t waste time creating another way to do the tasks you need to do to further your business.  This is a waste of time and gets you no where but more stress and frustration.  Like, you hear that this guy Ralph is doing something that sounds neat and you wonder if it would work for you.  Well, how well is it really doing for Ralph?  I say, follow the process.

Unrealistic Expectations – This can be a downer if not a killer.  You have to be in it for long term for this to get you anywhere.  No matter the business or job, it takes time.  You have to be willing to be in it for the long haul if you want it bad enough to succeed.  You can’t expect it to blossom over night or in a few months.  Having unrealistic expectations can lead to unnecessary stress and potentially derail your efforts.

Your Skill Set – Do you have all the skills you need to meet the challenges in affiliate marketing?  This can be a big one, but it also can be easily fixed.  For access to more ways to in crease your skills check out our Getting Started page and get access to proven methods.  Everyone in the beginning starts out about the same, but as you grow and evolve you pick up more skills and experiences.  Problems are only periods of opportunities that come by to give you a chance to learn and grow from them.

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Poor SEO efforts – This is more important than you may realize.  This aspect has a strong impact on your traffic.  Not doing any, enough or effective SEO practices is a must for your success.  This covers areas such as keyword research, knowing your readers search intent, Friendly SEO blog headlines and a compelling meta description (and more).  A blog with little or no SEO is like stepping outside and yelling as loud as you can hoping the rest of the world hears you.  You’re lucky if anyone finds you.  Check out this post on SEO mistakes to avoid.

Don’t forget Twitter – This among all of social media is a powerful source of traffic and can send a lot of traffic your way.  With over 126 Million active users daily, generating well over 5000 tweets a day, Twitter has become one of the best social media sites for growing your audience and not to mention social engagements. is benefiting from this platform as well.  Not taking advantage of social media is like taking a gun and shooting your foot, it will hurt.

Take Action.

If you are seeing that you are having issues, don’t give in, take action.  Some good tips to help double your sales can be found in this article:  8 Tips To Double Your Affiliate Marketing Sales which is very good for anyone having issues.  Sometimes when one is having issues, not knowing what could do can be the real problem.

Get started today!

From here to where?

Where do you think you’re going from here?  Ultimately what do you want or where do you want to end up with affiliate marketing?  This is all a process and a journey.  The struggle in this business is normal and will eventually fade.  You can’t expect to explode over night with this business.  Expecting that would lead to total disappointment.  What do you think is happening as you grow and develop your affiliate marketing business?  Yes, you’re developing yourself and evolving into a person of interest, but there’s something more that is happening.  First you start laying a foundation from which to build your business.  As you grow your business you learn and evolve.  You also find tools and resources.  From the first day you start, to over 2 years later you amass resources for your own use.  So, where am I going here?  Your foundation turns into something as you grow.  With what you’ve learned and acquired, you begin to develop an infrastructure.  Hardly important to know about early on, but it is worth pointing out as you are going through a process of building a business that will pay off in huge dividends later.

Proven Methods.

If you haven’t yet, you need to gain access to more proven methods.  Reading these posts is nice, but having access to more insightful content will really make a difference.  Check out our Getting Started page for more by clicking here —— >

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