Stress Happens!

How To Face Problems In Affiliate Marketing – Part #1

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It doesn’t matter where you’re at, stress happens!  But, does it have to linger?  Not if you know what to do.  Which one of these Stressed-Out scenarios closely resembles you in any way?

Scenario #1 – You’ve been painstakingly making a good effort to build your affiliate marketing business and after some time, it seems like while you’ve made sales, it’s like you’re stuck wanting to move forward and you can’t.

Scenario #2 – You are at the point with your job and you feel you want more.  What do you do?  Look for a job, see how you can evolve with your present job?  

Scenario #3 – You have a need for extra cash and it’s not for the purpose of fun but the need to pay bills.

So, if you are any of these or a combination of these 3, there are solutions that can get you past this.  Brick walls are made to get over or around. 

If you ever ran a road race such as a 5k or 10k, then you’d know how important it is to train for these races.  In the beginning there’s always a struggle which is part of your training.  There was a time when I did these kinds of races, and they take lots of effort.  I know it doesn’t feel good and there are days you wonder why you’re going through this.

In the beginning and really anytime, any setback you encounter is an opportunity to learn and grow.  If you have a setback, take time to examine and reflect on it to see how you can grow from it.

Looking at Scenario #1 above, if your sales are low, what are you doing about it?  There are many reasons why this could be the case.  Possible causes include but not limited to:  a) the product, b) call to actions, c) promotions, & d) Inconsistency.  Let’s look at these causes:

  1. The Product – Is the product in high demand? Doe the product fit your niche? Why stay there when you can examine and go on?  All of these causes are preventable or fixable.  For the product, you need to do a ton of research on what you are planning on offering.  You need to make sure that you are not selling a product or service that is out dated.  You want to offer something that is in high demand and that will really solve the customer’s issues.   A good question to ask: “is this a product or service that you would buy”?   Are you in the right niche?  Basic example, you wouldn’t try to sell dog collars in a store specializing in selling cats.  Crude I know, but you get the point. 
  2. Calls to actions – Are you making it obvious with your call to actions?  Are your readers able to clearly take action? Your readers need to be able to obviously tell that they are given a sense of urgency to make a decision to take action on something. 
  3. Promotions – Are you doing enough promotions thus getting the word out about what you are offering.
  4. Inconsistency – Not getting your content posted on a regular basis as well as your promotions.

These were just some of the causes that can adversely impact your sales and they can all be gotten around to improve your sales.

Get in Focus.

Problems that you encounter are not the problem, the problem is how you respond to them.  Each and every problem you encounter is an opportunity to learn and grow from.  A good attitude to have is to get used to being uncomfortable and look forward to problems.  The more problems you learn to solve, the more you’ll be able to deal with moving closer and closer to success.

With everything that I outlined here, you should have figured out one thing.  That one thing is that you did not do enough research into the areas mentioned.  Research is the Kryptonite of failure.  Researching extends way beyond just the content that you research and write about.  When you do the research for your content writing, do you ever learn anything?  If not, then you’re not doing effective research. 

Mistakes happen and the person who makes the most mistakes and learns and adjusts from them becomes more successful than those who bow to fear.  Think about this, the more problems you solve, the more you can reflect that in the posts you write. 

New Career Paths

Which way to go.

If you were to give up now, then all the learning stops, the struggle stops, and you would never reach the point of other successful affiliate marketers who’ve already gone through what you’re going through now.  No one said it would be easy, but hey, no matter which direction you take, there’s going to be hassles.  Fear is a huge component of any endeavor, and can lead anyone away from their hopes and dreams.  Fear is also the false presence of reality.  Research is one way to break down any fears you have about what you are doing.  As you knock each wall down, that’s one problem you know how to solve and makes you more and more valuable and capable in this business.  You have to have a long-term view with affiliate marketing and it will work especially as you knock each wall down. 


The more you know, the more you’ll grow.  If you would like to add to your knowledge and increase your empowerment, there’s no time like the present.  You can have access to more proven methods with our FREE Lessons newsletter.  Just because others choose to learn the hard way doesn’t mean that you have to.  Motivation is half the battle, when you have a ton of resources at your disposal, then problems turn into doors that open when you have the solutions in your hands.

Take action today!

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