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How to Explain Affiliate Marketing to Your Boss

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Looking to Affiliate Marketing as a business model for your company and need to present the information to your boss?  Well before you do, let’s reveal some tips on how to present your case to your boss.

Why Affiliate Marketing is the best business model.

Affiliate marketing is the best online business model as affiliate marketers promote a product and provide their affiliate marketing ID as a link to a vendor’s website for either a commission or a fee if a sale is made.  Affiliate marketing offers many benefits to both marketers and customers.  Affiliate marketing is the fastest and easiest way to make money online.

1)- Present your issue – Describe a general overview of the problem or issue and the impact that it has on the company.  Give supporting details of the issue.

2)- Present your solution – After you’ve given your overview of the issue, explain how you already tried to solve the issue and what you learned from those attempts.  Present information on the solution you have offering Affiliate Marketing as the business model you recommend to promote your products and services.  You’ll want to explain the logic behind this approach of making use of affiliate marketing.

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3)- The impact – Explain the outcome or impact your solution will have on your company if implemented.  Be explicit about the facts on how the solution will have far reaching effects on the organization or company.  Also review the benefits of having affiliate marketing as your business model

4)- Your position – Accept responsibility on the outcome of your proposal.  If it’s a success, continue with a follow through on setting an action plan to implement affiliate marketing.  If it’s not a success, demonstrate a positive position on the matter and if need be, follow through with an alternative.

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Case and point – Obviously a lot of research needs to be done before presenting your proposal to your boss or director.  Don’t rush it as you want to present a good and well-informed case. 

The above steps are what you would follow to present your case.  As mentioned in the case and point above, you need to do a lot of home work and prepare your presentation.

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Your Homework.

1)- Dare to compare – Find an affiliate marketing company that closely resembles your product or service.  You may have to review a few to get a good idea.  Find one that really fits your company.  Remember you are just comparing to see what they have and how it would relate to your companies goals.

2)- Draft your work – From the comparisons you did, start putting together a draft to help in creating a presentation for your boss.  If you are working with a team, each of you can share the load.  Then put together a final rough draft.

a.  Research – Depending on what you encounter, you may need more supporting research with the company you selected as a sample to follow.

b.  Interviews – You can always contact the company you are using as a model and ask questions about their program.  If they are willing to answer them, you’ll have more data for your draft.

3)- Review draft – After you complete your rough draft, you can submit to your immediate supervisor for approval if necessary.  Otherwise, you and your team can review it to make sure no further changes are needed.

4)- Prepare final presentation – Prepare for submission to your boss to present your proposal about affiliate marketing as a business model for your company.   You may want to create multiple copies for your staff and to save as a backup.

Note – The above is just a basic outline of what you should do.  If your company has other requirements, they would take precedence over these.  This was just a guide to help set your plans in motion.

Revisions – If your proposal was partially accepted, keep that version as a backup to refer to and build from it to a more acceptable version.


As mentioned, presentation requirements can differ between each company, this was just to provide a simple guidance on this matter.  If you would like access to more proven methods, sign up for our FREE newsletter today at

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