how to drive traffic to your blog

How to drive traffic to your website

In addition to what I’ve said before about driving traffic, there are always more ways that come down the pike.  Always be open to learn something new even with driving traffic to your site.  Things change all the time and you never know what could be going on now to solve a traffic issue.  You do have to be concerned about ways that become out dated and no longer make a big impact on driving traffic.  One such thing is any courses you found in the past.  Some of the techniques may be a thing of the past.  So let’s look at some solutions now.

Here are some solutions:

Learn & apply SEO to your site.

This is important if you want to have the right effect in driving traffic.  Learn how to make use of the right keywords and this is very crucial.  Don’t be like I was when I became a blogger years ago.  I didn’t know a thing about keywords and I just picked them on a whim and hoped for the best.  Big mistake and you can’t afford to do that.  Your headlines in the posts should be made up with the keywords as any sub headlines.  Also plant core keywords throughout the article.  You should also find and install a SEO plugin that can help with keywords.  We recommend SEO Press found in the wordpress repository.

Persistent, Consistent Posting.

This is key in your efforts in attracting people to your site.  Don’t just create content that everyone else has out there.  Give them something that they can sink their teeth into.  The content we provide is geared to people who are “beginners” and we try engage our readers with that in mind.  There is too many blogs out there just sharing the same thing.  We try to go beyond that notion by staying in focus and at times explaining things without going over your head.  When posting, you’re better off posting as often as you can as long as you can keep up with the quality of your posts.  Don’t post, just to post.  If you can only do one post a week, then that’s all you do.  If you can only do 3 a month, then it’s 3 a month.  If you go beyond your qualifying ability to create posts that have quality each time, then you are shooting yourself in the foot.  The content you create is so important, that it’s imperative that you don’t over extend your self starting out.  If you feel that you are at a point where you can do more, then test yourself and try 4 a month, or 2 a week.  If you can keep up with the quality of your writing, then you should be good.  Your readers will be able to tell if what you are providing is worth it or not.  Also, if you decide to use something you find on another blog, make sure that you either put it in your own words, or definitely give credit to the source of your information.  Avoid Plagiarism at ALL costs.   Your posting is the “live bait” that drives traffic to your website / blog.  Since Google monitors your content, you as I said to make sure it’s full of quality.  To have any value, shoot for at least 1000 words or even beyond 2000 words per post.  The more content that has quality in your posts, the better. 

Use Pinterest.

Pinterest is in itself a search engine.  There are plugins for Pinterest in the wordpress repository that you can make use of.  You use keywords for your posts that people find in Google, the same can be done through Pinterest.  Share your images in Pinterest using keywords.  Do this on a regular basis and you’ll notice a difference.  Like other social media, you can auto post to Pinterest with images.  Don’t forget to connect with others in Pinterest, otherwise, you’d be sending stuff to Pinterest without ever attracting interest.  Pinterest is like any other social media platform overall.

Answer Questions the Quora way.

Grab yourself a Quora account and add this to your routine research.  Answer questions often.  You can attract attention to your website through Quora.  This is a good place to both share information and provide information as well.  By doing this, you’d be surprised on how many views you could receive.  You could attract hundreds, if not thousands of views.  It’s a viable source to make use of.  Check it out here:

Avoid Free Pre-Wrote Content.

What is pre-wrote content?  Websites that provide quality content that you can use for free in your blog to added content.  It may seem cool that wow, I can get free content from these sites.  Yes, you can, but there is one drawback for using this kind of content.  Google penalizes you for using it.  Google knows whether or not the content you use is actually “yours” or not.  I will be the first to admit it, I did use this kind in the past.  But on, I am not using this type of content.  The only drawback is what I just mentioned.  Otherwise you are just adding window dressing to your blog.  For the respect of these types of websites, I am not listing any.  I appreciate what they are trying to do.  I am mentioning this here because you the blogger is trying to find ways to draw traffic, and it would be a shame to use this kind of content not knowing it isn’t doing you any good.  I should mention that this does not include when you hire someone to write the content for you.  That’s not the same.  There is a difference between getting “pre-wrote” content from a content supplied website and someone you hire to write content for you.  I actually have a lot of good to say about those websites that provide content.  It’s just a shame one can get penalized for using it.


There are tools available that can make a big impact on your efforts.  If you want to upgrade and skyrocket your search engine rankings check out the following link with affilorama that I am an affiliate of —–à  You can try this for Free and who doesn’t like Free. 

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