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How to do Affiliate Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

Each year can be different than the year before and this is especially true with Affiliate Marketing.  New productive and profitable ideas come down the pike all the time.  The trick is to make use of them when you find them out.  At the time of this post, it’s mid year, but it’s better late then never.  You’ll only better yourself for the following year.

Below are some suggestions going forward in 2020 and beyond:

Traffic Traffic & Traffic.

First and foremost, your number one concern is and always will be attracting more and more traffic to your website/blog.  This is true no matter what year it is.  Without traffic, you’d be like a desert, drying up with no life.  My best advise here is to only be aware of the condition, but press on with your work and be consistent every day in your efforts.  The consistency will pay out in huge dividends later. 

Vocalize your search.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to consider 2 things.  These are a) Voice Search and b) Video Content.  So what is vocalizing your search you ask?  Essentially, affiliate marketers need to optimize your content for voice searches.  So basically you go by location, tag your content appropriately, Conversationally speaking, search queries are in this type of tone, and should be utilized in long tail keywords on your website.  These were some suggestions for vocalizing your search.  Also you should create video content such as for Youtube.  You should not abandon written content, bug you should start adding video content strategy to your affiliate program.  As we go on with affiliate marketing, video content is becoming more and more a must have.  Video content is becoming just as important if not more important than just writing a 1000 plus word post.  One must keep writing those posts, but having video content is a plus.

Two or more heads are better than one.

Well for some, this may seem unthinkable, but using the old adage, “two heads are better than one”, why not consider pairing up or getting involved with a group of affiliate marketers and start sharing ideas.  This is called Collaboration.  Think what you could get in return.  One idea, is to help them with their link building and PR efforts.  Just think what kind of a team you could evolve into.  How you’d go about it would be of a combined agreement. 

What your audience wants.

This is very important, always keep your focus on this.  If you don’t you’ll loose their interest and end up with no audience. Be willing to make changes if you realize that your audience isn’t happy.  How would you know this?  Simple, no signups, no (little) traffic, & no sales.  These are the 3 no’s that you don’t want to have.  There are 3 walls to deal with:

  1.  Signups – visitors signing up for your newsletter
  2.  Traffic – Consistent visitors to your website / blog
  3.  Sales – the conversions you get as a result of your efforts.

Once you knock down the first two walls, the sales will really start coming, not that you won’t get any early on.

Events, Conventions, & Workshops.

If you can take advantage of going to a convention, event or even a workshop, go for it.  By connecting with influencers as well as the audience of these groups, you can really reap the rewards of being exposed to these groups of people.  It’s the best way to build connections and relationships.  They can be fund and rewarding. 


Subscribing to newsletters from reputable sources can take you far.  One newsletter differs from another.  We call ours “Free Lessons” as it is far more than just news.  Newsletters like ours, can also provide you with opportunities to grow and evolve in affiliate marketing.  The nice thing about newsletters is that you get valuable information sent straight to your inbox without having to make effort to go to the website.  You may drop by a website that has some interesting information posted in it.  Great time to grab their newsletter to keep up with them. 

Asset Building.

Email Marketing has been and continues to be a must have in affiliate marketing.  Building an email list is one of the most crucial marketing strategies for every affiliate marketer which turns in to your biggest asset to make use of.  Your email list is “yours” and you have control over it.  You get to provide your audience valuable information that they rely on.  Want to make sales, build an email list.  Every subscriber on your list is worth money.  Some may buy now, some later and some not at all. Some are just in it for the information and there’s nothing wrong with that.  The worth of each subscriber averages out to about a $1 per person, so if you have 1000 subscribers, you can expect to earn about $1,000 per month.  Hard to imagine right?  This only shows you that you are losing out by not doing email marketing.  An email list Is just one asset an affiliate marketer should be concerned about, there are many others.  Another asset that you may not realize is the posts you write.  Their value comes in the traffic they draw to your website in addition to any links/offers you provide in them.  Every time you write a post, opportunities to attract visitors to your website increases.  Keep at it, as there will always be someone searching for answers about a need they have.  It’s like your providing the answers to their pain. 

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