Affiliate marketing without a website

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

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All affiliate marketers at some point, have concerns when it comes to lead generation.  This is especially if you are one that does not have a website or blog to run your business with.  There are many options to consider when working without a website or blog.  These options mainly include on how you want to promote your business.

1)- Main site – You would choose a social media site to act as your home base and promote your products and services with your affiliate id.  You can also post a article as well.  Then you can share to other social media sites.

2)- Create a video – Promote your business through Youtube and other similar video sites.  You would include your affiliate id for your audience to refer too.

3)- Flyers – This takes some leg work, but you can distribute some pull tab flyers to places like grocery stores, gas stations & restaurants to draw attention to what you are promoting.  The pull tabs would have your social media address on them.  In some cases, you may need to get permission from these places to post your flyer.  You would also need to replace your flyers now and then as the pull tabs get all taken.


Sharing and Promoting online.

It will seem like it’s going to take forever just relying on your posts to drive traffic to your blog.  So to get past this you have to promote yourself on a daily basis like at least 5 days a week or more.  You’ll want to have at least 5 different social media accounts to get the job done.  I recommend the following:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin.  Here are some key points for these social media accounts:

  • Facebook and Instagram – share 1 to 2 times a day
  • Twitter – Share 5 times a day as it’s a much faster social network
  • Pinterest – share at least 5 pins minimum daily
  • Linkedin – share once a day

How To Collect Email Addresses.

Many people work their affiliate marketing business online without having a website or blog as they either don’t want to take the time and effort to create one, or they simply don’t know how.  While websites and blogs offer the power of automation, you don’t need to feel that you just can’t have one.

There are options available to help you collect email addresses for you to send emails and promotions to. 

Wouldn’t it be neat if you could have a dedicated link to a email signup page that you could distribute over the internet to get email signup with?  

You can, you know…

You wouldn’t have to go to much trouble as you would to build a website or blog.  You would have a choice to either just have a dedicated signup page or even a subscriber’s page that you can share.   Sounds good right?

Drum roll…

Fortunately, there is a service that can accommodate your needs online to assist in generating leads for you.  No website is required.  There is now an option where you can create a “hosted signup page” for free that you can use to collect email addresses from.  With or without a website, you can have a hosted signup for to collect email addresses.  You can even create a hosted subscribers page with more details.  There are many other options you can upgrade to at anytime

This is a very powerful and empowering service for those who vie to not have a website or blog starting out.  I’m affiliated with this service and highly recommend  They have a lot to offer affiliate marketers.

There is really no reason to continue with not being able to collect email addresses from your audience. makes this happen.

Share your hosted signup page link online with social media, as well as other online sites you can advertise with.

As mentioned above with those pull tab flyers, you could put your link from your account on and distribute them.

You can even add your link to any videos you create on youtube or any other similar service.

There is truly no reason to continue without an option like this…

Get your hosted signup page for free today by clicking the button below:

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