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How To Determine Which Option Works Best For You When Creating Your Conversion Funnel

If you are new or a seasoned affiliate marketer, the topic of conversion funnel marketing is an important one to be concerned about.  If you have a website and you should, having a website alone isn’t enough, you need to have a sales funnel in place.  Some believe that just having a website is the same thing as having a sales funnel and that’s not completely accurate.  You have to have things in place that offer your audience something for them to grab onto (purchase).  Most importantly, you need to have an opt in box to gather their email addresses for your newsletter.  Okay, with that said…

By having a fully optimized sales funnel in place, it maximizes the potential profits you can expect to have. 

Basic way.

It was mentioned that some believe that simply having a website qualifies as a sales funnel.  Yes, you can just have your blog and write posts with affiliate links in them.  Just doing it this way is crude and you’re playing “gambling for clicks” this way.  While you still need to do it this way, you should also have other means on your website that brings about a more optimized sales funnel. 


This is the next step, but not the end answer.  Implement an opt-in button to collect peoples email address and make use of email marketing.  When you do this, you own your audience and no one can take them away from you.  You just need to continue to provide good quality content.  Combining the basic way and email marketing gives you a more advanced sales funnel to improve your sales.  But as I said this is only beginning.  Let’s describe your sales funnel in this manor:

First – A potential customer becomes aware of your content as they either land on your website or see you on social media.

Second – Interest in what you offer begins to build for those interested.

Third – You plant a seed to those interested

Fourth – Call to action for the would-be customer to make a sale.

This is a basic flow of what can happen as you attract attention to your audience.  Basically, you develop awareness, build interest, create desire and then bring about action.

Laws of attraction.

People arrive at your site in one of 3 different manors.  1) They either click on a PPC ad that takes them directly to your sales funnel, 2) They find you on social media and 3) They arrive on your website via an organic search which is the preferred method.  The first option, costs you, while the other two are free.  If they find you organically, then you know that you are providing exactly what they are looking for.  People arrive at your website via any one of these methods is a result of a consistent and persistent posting of content to your blog.  This is important since if you are not consistent, you’ll end up loosing the interest of your readers and that isn’t good for your bottom line.

Your Options.

You can either build your own website and we have awesome options to help you undertake that.  I applaud you if this is where you’re at as building your own website is a fun and exciting challenge to undertake.  You have to put it all together by adding pages, plugins, posts, security concerns and so forth.  This takes time and it can seem like forever during the process.  You’ll also need to optimize your keywords in the posts you write to bring about quality traffic.


You can have most of the work done for you.  Really you ask?  Yes, there is a system that can get most of the work done for you in much less time.  It could take you up to 6 moths to do it all yourself, where as with this system, it would be a matter of days. 

Which one of the scenarios do you feel you fall into?  The challenge of building your own website, or the advantage of having most of it done for you?  While one is still building his or her website, the other is heading down the road working on his or her goals.

Consider your two options going forward:

So if you prefer to be fast tracked, then With this option, most everything is done for you and includes 5 websites.  The Websites are setup for you, Content research is done for you and a much shorter time to build your websites.  Getting yourself up and running faster is the main advantage of our first option and it does have a lot to offer.  Understand this option is made available through Afilorama and is not a service provided by  I am an affiliate of Affilorama and am making this valuable option available to you.  Your sales funnel would be complete with this option.

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If you prefer the challenge of building your own website, then our other option is the “DIY” or Do It Yourself option and has a lot of resources to choose from.  Don’t let the word Standard fool you.  We make available valuable hosting and design services through The main comparison between these 2 options is you do all the work and the first optoin gets most of the work done for you in less time.  Both of these are valuable and pack quite a punch in providing what you need to get the job done.  Your main decision here is that do you want to do it yourself, or do you want most of it done for you?  I am an affiliate of as well and this is a service from them and not 

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