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How To Deal With A Website Outage

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Like real life, one can get hit with that unexpected punch that can set you back for a bit.  But in cases like that what do you do?  You pick yourself back up and get going.  In light of a recent event that took place that effected Timabeck.com, I thought it appropriate to write a post about it and what can be done.  First let me explain the event:

On Sunday April 4th 2021, in the evening, I got a notification that Timabeck.com was having an error alert.  This sometimes happens especially if there are internal jobs running taking up resources so I left it go until morning.  In the morning I discovered the real problem.  I checked with the host and found that there was a fire in one of the buildings that housed the servers that contained our data.  As a precaution they shut off power to the building until the issue was over.  This is why Timabeck.com had been down for several days.

So, you see, even in business, there can be those unexpected events that can side-wind you.  So, what do you do in the mean time?

Life goes on.

  1. Backups – Have you been backing up your website?  Having a full backup is good in the event your host fails to accommodate you and fully recover your data.  If you’ve been backing up your website, then keep it handy in the event you need it.  If you haven’t, I recommend starting now.  I highly recommend the plugin updraftplus available in the wordpress repository, which makes it easy to download your files.  Having a backup can make a difference in how soon you are back up and running.
  2. Keep working – Just because your site is down, doesn’t mean the world comes to an end.  Keep writing your posts and doing your research.  It could be days until you have your site back and that’s a lot of time to waste by not doing your work.  So, anything that you’ve been doing that doesn’t involve the website, keep doing.   The pressure may seem off while the site is down, but don’t be fooled.  You need to be ready to go once it’s up.
  3. Check in – Keep checking with your host now and then to keep updated on what’s going on.  Be patient with them as they are helping you and many others too.  Your host should also post notices in your hosting dashboard on the current status.
  4. Social media – You can send a post over social media about the issue so anyone who normally visits your site know what’s going on.  Never let people assume, as they can assume the worst. 

When back up.

  1. Email your subscribers – Assuming you are totally up, or when you can, let your subscribers know right away that there was an outage.  They would have no idea what is going on and could assume the worse. 
  2. Evaluate your site – Make sure that everything is how it should be.  You never now as even your hosts backups may not be fully up to date with the way your site was when it went down.  You may have to make adjustments to your plugins and other settings depending on the degree of restore that was done.
  3. Backup – After any fixes have been done and you are happy with the way it is, do a backup.  Even doing a backup before the fixes is a good idea.
  4. Proceed – Continue as normal, publish your posts, do your promotions etc
Successful blogging

What, not up?

If you find that your website was unrecoverable, then you need to check with your host to see what can be done.  After they re-establish your website to a degree where it’s just a site with no data, you would then restore with your backups.

No Website?

If your website or blog is still down and you see that it will be a while until it’s back up, don’t panic, affiliate marketing can still be done without a website.  By all means, continue working towards getting your website or blog back up.  In the meantime, check out Affiliate Marketing Without A Webiste.  There’s no need to stop your business just because your site is down.


If you compose your posts on you own system like I do, you’ll want to make sure you desktop/laptop is backed up as well.  These files can easily be included with your other backups on to a flash drive.


You never know when events like this can happen even after the first time.  If you have just encountered an event with your website as described above, then you are gaining experience in this area.  Make notes on what happened and what you did.  Just because it happened once, doesn’t mean it can’t happen again.  Continue to do your backups indefinitely. 

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