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How To Crush The Competition In Affiliate Marketing

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It seems like this issue is in a constant mode of change as year after year, new ways are developed to help with combating competition.  Regardless if you are a new affiliate marketer or you don’t even have a website, you can still crush the competition.  Having the right resources will aide you in knocking a whole in the wall and get you ahead of them.

Here are some tips to help you start crushing the competition:

1)- Email collection – This is for those who don’t have a website, as there is another way to collect emails and this is by having a hosted email signup page that you can share that link to get signups.  With this option, there is no reason not to get signups for your campaigns.  It’s time to move forward.  Now, if you do have a website, but would prefer another option, then this may be for you.

2)- Do Good SEO – If you haven’t already done so, add a SEO plugin which will aide you in having your posts set up correctly for keywords, meta sizes for description, title and excepts etc.  This will keep you steered in the right direction with your posts.  Don’t overlook this as it does make a difference in drawing organic traffic to your site.  You want to make sure that you are doing good keyword research and adding enough keywords to your site.  I recommend SEOPress found in the wordpress repository.  You should also make sure all your landing pages are optimized as well.

3)- Pick a high performing niche – If you want to drive massive sales, then you’ll need a high performing affiliate niche to accomplish this.  Not all niches are created equally, you need to do a deep dive and really research what they are all about and how they are doing.

4)- Don’t forget link building – If you want to show Google that you have a good authority in your niche, both internal and external linking can be a big help to your traffic.   I once heard that you shouldn’t link to other sites as you want to keep your visitors on your site, but overall, that does more harm than good for your traffic.  Linking to other sites, rewards you in referral traffic which is something you want.

Save on Advertising

5)- Get on top with advertising – Don’t just spend money on advertising, find the right advertisements that work.  This can be done and save you a ton of money.  There’s a resource you can use to do just that.  You’ll be able to see what works before you pay for them.  It’s called, we’re affiliated with them and I highly recommend them.

6)- Don’t skimp on research – This matters a lot.  Even if you make use of #7 below, you’ll want to be in the habit of doing good research especially if you are ever asked by a customer about something you wrote about or represent.  As you evolve in affiliate marketing, you’ll gain knowledge and skills and this comes from all the research you do.

Saves time and effort

7)- Quality content – High quality content will drive traffic to your site and you can increase your chances with the power of AI in content creation.  High quality content will also keep your readers coming back.  I use this and it does work.  Even if you have to use it to help add to or complete your post, it’s a good resource.  For more details check out and see for yourself.

8)- Passion – Are you for real, or are you just “in it for the money?”  This attitude shines through the work you are doing.  This tip may not seem like much in crushing the competition, but, depending where you are at, it could be.  Are you all in or?  Examine your priorities, goals and see if a “reset” is in order.  True blogging takes time and you need to have patients to reach our goals.  Getting it done over night is rare and can be a disappointing outcome if that is your goal.

9)- Use Popups – You can capture leads of the visitors that are on your website.  It’s a quick and great way to catch their attention, especially if they are about to leave your site.  A great tool to use in a case like this is as one of their features is “Exit Intent”.  Check them out as they are a great way to get those leads you need.

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