How To Create Email Marketing Subject Lines That Grabs Your Readers

Email marketing is an essential part of one’s online marketing.  While the wording of the body of the email is important, the email marketing subject line in your emails do make a difference.  Being an Eye Catcher to motivate your readers / subscribers to dive in to your emails when they arrive into their inbox.   Your subject line is the most important part of the email.  It’s a headline that is meant to grab people.

Before we really dive in here, here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

  1.  Keep the subject line short and sweet.  A little bit says a lot.
  2. Avoid using the no-reply sender name. 
  3. Stay true to your value and never make false promises.

When writing a subject line, a sense of Urgency should be inspired.  You need to make your readers see the importance or need to know.  You want to be true to your word and be true to your value.  Your subject lines can be kind of like a call to action, or indicating “how to” or some way of catching your readers attention to read the email. 

You also want to inspire Curiosity that draws your reader in.  Like getting them to think “hmmm” and they end up checking out the email.  You are catching them by making them think that they will benefit by opening the email.  Remember they subscribed to you because you presented them something they feel that they are interested in. 

Let’s face it, we all love ‘free stuff’.  Your readers will love it when they can be given the promise of something FREE in the emails you send.  Not to say that you have to do this in every email that is sent. 

Did you ever see a subject line that was so funny that not only did you laugh, you opened the email?  Humor can lead to motivation.  Click Me, Click Me Not, that is your choice.  If you like FREE stuff, you never know what you can run into. 

Make it Mobile.

Here’s a tip for you, most people open emails on mobile devices.  That’s because they are out and about and all of a sudden an email pops into their inbox with a catchy subject line, so in a moment of curiosity, they stop and check it out.  Here’s where being creative can really catch your reader’s attention.  You have to realize that not everyone is using a computer when they read your email. 

The Subject Line’s importance.

Some take the value of a subject line lightly.  Therefore missing out on the potential value it can bring.  Your subject line can make or break your content from even being read.  Subject lines really do make a difference.   Here’s one example – Extra Extra, Read All About It.  Did that catch you just now.  Kind of old this saying is.  That was kind of crude, but probably wouldn’t work well with email like it did in older mediums. 

So what makes a great subject line you ask ?  It must be intriguing and present value.  Thus making it worth the time for the reader to read / engage the article.  The odd example I gave wouldn’t even present value with today’s social media. 

Best Practices for Subject Lines.

  1.  Keep the subject line short.  Subject lines perform better when they are under 50 or less. 
  2. Call to action.  There’s nothing wrong with using your email’s subject line as a call to action to motivate your readers into action.
  3. Be professional.  Use your “from” field wisely.  You want to convey a sense of professionalism here.  There is no room to goof around here.  One way would be like Tim from
  4. Don’t be afraid to be simple or funny but professional
  5. Capitalization, minimal at best.  THIS STYLE WON’T BENEFIT YOU.  But, This Style Will. 
  6. Alliteration works.  Be ample and give it a try, it can attract.
  7. Humor, Okay to be funny, but always be professional.

Your Subject Line.

Your Subject Line can be a catch all or attract all to those who receive your emails.  Make it count, because you only get one chance for a good first impression.  Your subject line needs to relate to the content in the email being sent.  Keeping it short and simple to the point is always a good practice.  If you would like to see some good examples, sign up for our FREE Lessons (if you haven’t done so already) to not only see for yourself but also to take advantage of our FREE Lessons on Affiliate Marketing.    You’ll receive our FREE Lessons directly to your inbox and see some good examples of Subject Lines that we use for each lesson you receive from us.  Seeing how the PRO’s do it is a good way to learn by example. 

When you sign up, you’ll see we kept our subject lines short, simple and professional relating to the content in each email being received.  In addition to seeing some good examples of Subject Lines, you can also take advantage of the content in each email/lesson you receive.  There are no obligations and you can unsubscribe at anytime.  But we hope you won’t as you’ll continue to receive Top Notch Content from us.  You’ll also receive a FREE Report on Affiliate Marketing that is a must see for those interested in Affiliate Marketing. 

Subject Lines really do matter and they can make a difference.  See for yourself and check out our emails, Subject Lines are not that difficult.  While this is true, there are points to avoid when writing one – see below:

Mistakes to avoid:

  1.  Don’t shout!  Using all Caps is a mistake, as mentioned previously.  This can also trigger spam filters.
  2. Using Run-on Subject Lines.  Those who are in business, are busy and don’t have time to read the whole subject line.
  3. Make it Mobile Friendly.  Not Optimizing your emails for mobile users can really cut out a lot of people subscribing to your content.

We here at hope we gave you enough Eye Catching tips to catch your reader’s attention in the emails you send them. 

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