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How To Create A Case Study

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Ever wonder what others are thinking about products, programs and services that you see now and then?  Well, there are case studies that can help shed light on what is thought of them.  Case studies can really boost sales.  They are a very important aspect of successful marketing campaigns.  They can play a very important role in boosting customer confidence.  This post is wrote for beginners and is intended to just give a brief understanding of Case Studies as it is an introduction.

Affiliate Marketing.

Case study articles can be persuasive and really boost your sales, especially if they’re done correctly with accurate data.  These should be taken seriously if being used with affiliate marketing as they can show how their problem can be solved.

Case studies make it possible for you to get shared by others you do not know who are decision makers.  They also make it possible for you take advantage of social proof which encourages others to take advantage of what you offer.  Case studies also help bring about trust and for people to like what you have to offer.  Another added benefit which really helps is that case studies make it easier for people (your target audience) to find you through Google and other search engines.

There are 4 different formats of case studies that you can use and they are written, video, podcast, and infographic.

If you have the resources, both video and podcasts can be very persuasive.  Infographic case studies are usually just a one page graphic outlining all the details.

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Their purpose.

Case studies demonstrate problem solving which offers an effective way to show solid evidence on what you are offering actually solves the problem that it is pertaining too.  If you want to grab your potential buyer’s attention, case studies offer factual claims and buyers get excited about them.  Remember the days of brochures and catalogs?  Today, case studies offer a more compelling way to motivate buyers into purchasing the products affiliate marketers are offering.

The data your case study should only pertain to the problem that your readers are facing and not other issues.  By being specific, your conversion changes are greater.

Presentation matters.

Like any good read, your case study should be presented well in order to be engaging for those it applies too.  Should be factual in solving the issues the buyer is faced with.  The usual formats still apply for the case studies as they do for writing posts.

Format matters.

The format for case studies are just as important as the posts you write.  Headlines should be in such a way that they emphasize what the case study is all about. 

Who, What & How.

Case studies should have a short introduction to who they are for and the industry they are in.  Then explain in a paragraph or two what people face when looking for a solution.  Then end with your solution as to why this would be a good fit for them by getting into the specifics and decision making.

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This is probably my shortest post ever, I only wanted to give a brief introduction into Case Studies, and if  you click the link above, you’ll get more on them.

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