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How To Create A Blog For Affiliate Marketing

If you are new and just starting an affiliate marketing business or you’ve been in business for a while, there is a means that can make all the difference.  If you haven’t already done so, creating a website / blog can have a huge impact on your business. 

For those who never designed or created a website or blog, this can seem intimidating at first.  But there is no need to fear this exciting aspect of online marketing.    I have two options for you that can get you fast tracked down the super highway of success and I will touch on them later on in this post.

In creating your website / blog, there are some features that you need to be able to function as an affiliate marketing business. 

These features include:

  1. WordPress – It is highly recommended that you have wordpress installed on your site after you have your host and domain setup.  In most cases your host can set this up for you or give you easy instructions to do this yourself.  You’ll save yourself a ton of grief by going with wordpress right from the get go.  It has more plugins and features then other blogging packages.
  2. Email Marketing – You need a way to collect your visitors email address so as to send them newsletters (autoresponders) in a scheduled manor.  This is the most important feature to have on your site.
  3. Security – You’ll need to have a plugin that provides adequate security for your blog.  We recommend Wordfence Security.  It does have a FREE version.
  4. Social Media – You will want to add plugins that will “auto” post your posts to social media when you create posts to your blog.  This will keep your followers up to date.  When you do this, you could make sure it’s just the Excerpts going to social media, so they are intrigued to visit your site.   Such Plugins include:  WP Twitter Auto Publish and WP Instagram.  There are many plugins that accomplish auto publish.  Some are complicated and some are very easy.

Aside from your host and domain name, I just gave you 4 must haves for your website / blog.  You can pick and choose from others when you find them as the wordpress repository has a wealth of options out there.

Now there is a question you have to ask yourself before you jump in and start the process of building your website.  That question is, do you want to take the time and do it all yourself which can take some time or do you want a system that can do it all for you?  That is what you have to ask yourself. 

There is a system called AffiloJetpack that can cut down the work and time for you to get a website that works for you!  Depending upon your efforts and choices it can take upwards to maybe 6 months to create a website on your own, but with this you can have up to 5 websites within 6 days.  See for yourself the system that can save you a lot of time and money.

Check out à

Doing it all yourself can be a challenge and that’s okay for those who are up to a challenge, but with this system you’ll be up and running in no time.  I’d hate to see you go through all that trouble and get no where when this proven system can get you there.

Which is more important, getting your online presence established fast and be able to make money as soon as possible, or put it off and do it yourself for the hope to get there.

AffiloJetpack can do it all for you à and is waiting for you to hop on board and ignite your future. 

Now after you reviewed that system and still feel you’d rather do it yourself, I do have another option for you to check out.

If money is an issue and you’re mainly interested in getting up and running on the internet, I understand I have something for you that can get you there.  You’ll have to do all the work yourself, but you’ll get there.

We partnered with which has everything you need to create and build a website.  You can create a website, online store or blog in no time.   

It’s that easy!  Anyone can do it!  They have many apps and features and great support at your disposal. 

Check out

There’s no reason why you have to put off having your own website or blog.  Having one can make a huge difference in your affiliate business. makes it all easy for you to have your own website or blog in no time.

First I introduced a system called AffiloJetpack that can do all the work for you in getting your website up and running and up to 5 websites.  For the price, this is a killer option to have for your affiliate marketing business.  This is a Platinum offer that can really make a huge impact on your business.  You can look at it again.

Then, I introduced Siteground which is a very good service that can help you get the job done.   

It all depends on how fast you want things up and running and how much you are willing to invest in your future with regards to the setting up of your new website.  This is a very important investment in your future and you have to decide which is more important, cost or time.

These are two very good options for your website needs, and they both give you what you need.  One gets it done for you, the other makes you get it done.  If you want more information on, I’ll touch more on in my next post.

Choose today!

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