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How To Conduct Keyword Research For Beginners

Whether you’re at the point of starting a blog or you’re tired of lower than expected traffic to your blog, then it’s time to consider a topic that may be new to you.  It’s called Keyword Research.  Believe it or not it’s more than just finding the right keywords for your posts.  Basically you are basing your posts around the keywords you research.  One other issue you could run into is not knowing what to write about.  Keyword research can help alleviate this issue for you.  If you do research and build up a list of keywords, you’ll eventually build up a list to which you can base your posts on. 

Keyword Research.

We have a tool that is very crafty, it’s called Keyword Research Ninja, the neatest thing about this tool, is that it shows which search engines have the keywords available.  You can select up to 6 search engines that it can access. Best of all you can get your copy of Keyword Research Ninja as a FREE Download, simply click the link above.   Doing keyword research starts with a seed.  Finding that all important seed to begin your research is crucial and the results it yields are excellent in finding those seeds.

When you plant the seed, it grows.  You can also start by searching for what your audience is interested in by going to places online where your audience is frequenting.  Then you search with those ideas to find keywords related to those words or phrases with a Keyword Research tool that can help you find out the best keywords for your use.  Sounds like a lot of work?  Yes, it can be, but there is a tool that can do all this for you and more.  You can get this done and more with this tool – found on

Merely deciding what keywords to use as you compose your post based upon what you’re writing about doesn’t really make the grade.  Doing it that way would be a huge gamble in hoping to drive traffic to your site.  You need tools that can assist you into discovering the right keywords that are essential in driving traffic to your site. Traffic is the life blood of your business, you need lots of it and keywords are the bait that hooks your traffic to your site.   The more keywords you find in your research, the more articles to write about, the more traffic will find your site.  It takes time but the effort is worth it. 

When doing your research, you want to find keywords with search volumes of no less than 30.  As far as the competition of these keywords, you’d want to look for those under 100, the lower the better.  By doing this will increase the odds of driving traffic to your website for those who searched using the keywords found under this condition.  For the competition, the higher the number, the higher the degree of difficulty driving traffic to your website.  This is a very effective way in developing a list of keywords to base your article selections from. 

Here’s an example:

Keywords / Search Volume / CPCCompetition

affiliate marketing for beginners pdf 40 / 9.63 / 0.65
affiliate marketing forums beginners 40 / 3.85 / 0.51
best affiliate networks for beginners 40 / 16.03 / 0.38
affiliate marketing guide for beginners 50 / 1.92 / 0.26

Which one in the above list would you choose?  It’s so easy it’s actually staring you right in the face.  But if you need an answer, it’s the bottom two.  You would then write your article either on Best Affiliate Networks for Beginners, or Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners.  Imagine what you could do with a whole bank of keywords stored up for future use.  You’d never run out of articles to write about.  That’s the beauty of doing Keyword Research.

If you are having trouble finding what to write about, while keywords are your focus, you can make use of the tools that Google provides to aide you in your research.  You can get ideas with these tools.  Once you find a seed to plant, you can develop a list like shown above.  Free tools are what you need if you’re just starting out.  Our crafty Keyword Research Ninja it is yours FREE, check it out for details to find seeds to plant in your research.

Tools that Google provides:

Google Search Console.

Google gives a really useful and FREE tool to help us in your research called the Google Search Console.  It’s worth your time to use in your research.  With so much available to us that you have to pay for, it’s nice to have something Free to aide us in our efforts.  It’s not a free trial, it’s totally free to use.   Below is an image of the home page of the Google Search Console that Google has for you.

Just click Start Now to check out the Google Search Engine, it’s that easy.  There is some simple setup to take care of if you never used the search console before, but it’s not that complicated.

Google Trends.

Another neat and FREE tool is Google Trends.  No setup, just enter your search term and get your results.  You get a break down of Interest over time, subregion,  Related Topics and Related Queries. 

Something else for FREE.

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