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Regardless where you are at in your affiliate marketing journey, it’s nice to know that there are resources available to accommodate your every need.   We do have the means for you to create and market that awesome website that you need for your email marketing solutions. 

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 If you are one that already has an awesome website up and running and are looking for alternative solutions to improve sales and traffic, we got your back!  Check out  You’ll improve sales and conversions with the tools they offer.  With the importance of Email Lists growing every day, you need to have access to the right tools to get the job done.

Growing your email lists is crucial in this day and age of online marketing.  Your email list is the only audience you really own.  Your social media accounts can only be described as moons orbiting your planet and while it’s great if they follow you or “like” you, until they actually land on your planet (website) and subscribe to your newsletter, the likelihood of sales happening is almost non-existent.  Social media is really great to get the word out and get exposure, but as your website is your online store, until they walk through your door, you really don’t got them. can really solve your traffic and conversion issues and improve your bottom line. 

There are many people who visit your website and/or social media once and never return, this is a problem and that’s a lot of people and missed conversions.  You need a proven tool that will help alleviate this problem that many people have.  You don’t have to be one of many, instead you can take action and turn things around.

There is one key factor that is essential in any online business which utilizing provides and that is “automation”.  This key factor can make or break  you if you are not making use of it and it’s that big of a difference.

Example #1:

Let’s say that you have a store that sells running gear of any kind.  While your “brick and motor” store makes a good profit, your website (online store) would get nowhere without being put on automation.  So if you want runners who are out of state buying from you and you to continue to reach them, then you need to make use of the benefit of automation buy using  It’ll make that much of a difference for you.

Example #2:

You just launched a website which specializes in pet treats and supplies, and you’re not doing very well in sales and it’s been almost a year.  Does this sound like you?  You know there is a fix for this, it’s called

Now these 2 examples are short and simple but they should get the point across.  If the solve to your issue is right in front of why delay?

Your website / blog is your real estate on the internet and in a way it’s no different than the property you own.  You have to find ways to direct traffic to your website / blog.  It would be a shame if after all that work, no one would take advantage of what you have to offer.  You need a solution that will increase your conversions by turning abandoning visitors into revenue and watch your business expand.

Did you know as per OptinMonster, that 67.91% of shopping carts are abandoned?  But you can fix this!

After all if you went to all that trouble to build your website, wouldn’t it be depressing if you weren’t making any sales? 

OptinMonster is the best lead generation wordpress plugin available that allows you to create highly effective optin forms for your website to build your email list.  OptinMonster is packed full of many options which are guaranteed to boost your email list.  But, if you don’t use it, you’ll never reap the rewards that if offers.

Some benefits include:

  1.  Increase your email list rapidly
  2. Increase the number pageviews
  3. Convert first time visitors to regular visitors
  4. Reduce card abandonment (for ecommerce)

You have to have some way of collecting those email addresses from visitors otherwise you’ll be missing out on a flood of income that could be flowing your way.  This is why OptinMonster would be beneficial for you. 

So, if you are looking for the most effective way to grow your email list and turn your website visitors/subscribers to customers, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Other benefits include:

  1.  Analytics and Reports – you’ll always know how you’re doing and be able to take action based on what you know.
  2. Variety of Optin types – You can choose which option works best for you for the optin forms you create.
  3. Exit Intent – Choose what options work best for you if your visitor chooses to leave your website.

Are you ready to take action and start improving your conversions? The time has come to do something about it.  Don’t let visitors pass you by, convert them today and watch your bank account grow.  Stop the hemorrhaging of visitors leaving your website without subscribing and start watching your email list and conversions grow. 

Convert and monetize your site today!  Check out for more details right now and start keeping your visitors!

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