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How To Become A Person Of Influence

As you are moving forward developing your affiliate marketing business, what do you think you are actually evolving into?  A Super Affiliate?  Maybe, probably, but what else?  You eventually become a person of influence.  That is powerful and demands lots of dedication.  You development into a person of influence takes place over time and you are in some ways doing that in the early stages of your business efforts.   The full impact of this isn’t present until after years of dedication.  So how do you get there? 

Initially and throughout the journey, consistency, empathy and courage are required for those who develop into a person of influence.  As you are on the way, you actually can be come a “person of interest” as people start to recognize what you stand for and what you are offering.  So, being consistent means that you walk the walk, talk the talk so that people can see that you are who you project.  For some, this comes naturally, for others, it may take work, but we all can get there.  If you have integrity, you have the glue to get you there.  Having empathy, means that you’ll listen with an open mind thus understanding another person’s point of view thus seeing where they are coming from and that is important.  This allows on to identify with others goals and needs.  And it takes courage to stand up and be heard by others.  You have to do your homework and build your case.  You want to be able to be empathetic with others so you can present your case if and when needed in order to help people with their long term goals.  Brace yourself when you have to challenge others as this can happen too.  You may be asked about your position and who knows which way it will go. 

Traits that help you evolve as a Person of Influence:

Integrity – A person of influence must have followers, and the followers must have confidence in you.  This shows your integrity.  Without integrity, forget it. 

Nurturing – You as the person of influence nurtures the people that follow you.  It takes more than having the fundamentals and plenty of discipline to win the game.  You have to really care and love the people you are influencing.  Being a person of influence mean you really care about them and look after their interests.

Faith – You need to have faith in the people you are serving.  You have to have faith in them for them to have faith in you.  People need to think highly of themselves in order to be able to reciprocate. 

These are very important traits a person of influence must possess.  There are many others that one must evolve with as you evolve into this type of person.  An influencer brings about a dramatic change in people which is the overall purpose in being an influencer. 

Want to know how to get there?  Arrive at being a person of influence?

To start with – It take rapport, building good rapport with people is essential.  Rapport builds trust and respect.  You need this if you want to have people follow you.  Rapport like empathy is important when building relationships with others in understanding their feelings and ideals.

Mistakes happen – Admit it, you’ve made mistakes, they do happen.  When you make them own up to them, you’ll get more respect for that then you realize.  Consider this, people make mistakes, that’s why pencils have erasers.  Being open to admitting mistakes or that you “didn’t know” or errors in thnking will only make you far more valuable.  So, if you were wrong and others knew it and you don’t own up to it, that can hurt your influence.  It will only show that you are imperfect like others, and that you have trusting emotional human qualities.

Use people’s names – We are conditioned from a young age to respond positively to the sound of our name.  It acknowledges our uniqueness by the use of our name.

Smiles work – Smile often and with sincerity.  This means a lot to people as it’s an automatic reaction that brings pleasure to others.  When you see a smile, it opens the door to positivity.  Others take pleasure in seeing you with a smile.  No one wants to see a frown.  Smiles can be shared, and they attract others.

Awaken people’s wants – People want things, so why not wake them up to them.  Show them how you can help them get what they want with less hassle.  You actually may make people see wants they didn’t see clearly on.  You can also help them with what they need too in the same manor.  This part is more critical for them in their everyday functioning as a human being.  There is a difference between wants and needs.

Accept all – Accept people with any conditions and be open to them and you’ll reap the rewards for being that way.  You want to be accepted when you go somewhere, so don’t you think others would too?  Lots of people have different shortcomings and weaknesses, and it will make a huge difference to them if they are accepted as they are.  Make people feel respected and important.

Be Careful – Don’t take all these lightly, have integrity and don’t make promises you can’t keep.  A person of influence is indeed a person of interest.   Don’t be what you aren’t and you’ll go far.  Be true to those who rely on you.  You have feelings and would want the same things.  This is just a basic list of traits and tips to get you pointed in the right direction in evolving into a person of influence.  Yes, I said evolve, as it takes time to perfect.  Even when you do perfect it, you’re not perfect.  Remember again to “be careful”.  Start with checking your integrity and how you are with it.  That’s a good way to get started.

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