How To Avoid Online Fraud And Find An Affiliate Marketing Program You Can Trust

We all like free stuff right? Of course we do.  Problem is that there are to many pitfalls or scams online these days to disappoint those of us who just want something Free that is legit.  Honest people being taken advantage of.  There are a lot of people that when they are “burned” they will shy away from ever attempting things again.  The once burned twice shy rule.  This issue effects not only people who would benefit from products and services online, but also those who provide those products and services.  Those scammers as I’ll call them mess things up for everyone.  If you feel that you may have been a victim or at least been exposed to a scam or online fraud, check out  Don’t let online fraud or scams get in your way, deal with them today.

Unfortunately even Online Affiliate Marketing Courses can get a black eye when it comes to scams.  So for some it can be hard to tell which is a fraud and which is legitimate.  It takes time to build an online business.  You have to be willing to dedicate yourself to the process.  I’ve talked about this before, the only one getting rich is the idiot that is selling the course.  I’m not saying you can’t get rich, just that it takes lots of time and lots of perseverance to get there.  You have to find the right course (not a scam) and follow it’s process and build your successful business.

Beware of the following:

Fake or Fraudulent Affiliate Marketing Training.

These training’s usually offer nothing more than a rip off and you may get an ebook or video that is full of filler or fluff with no real foundation or actionable information to get off the ground.

Outrageous Claims.

Watch out for outrageous claims like make a Million dollars in 60 days or a course that helps you sell ebooks to create more ebooks. The list goes on. 

Making a ton of money selling no product or service.

Don’t believe it, if you find an offer out there claiming that you can make thousands of dollars and mentions nothing about what products being sold, it’s a scam.  Some of these are called Pyramid Schemes.

Scams can be summed up as “Suspicious Claims advertising Money Soon”  – The way to look at this is if you’re being offered lots and lots of money in a very short time period, our best advice is to “run”. 

I know I briefly touched on a few examples to be watchful of, consider this, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Not sure what to do if you find something questionable, do your research before jumping on board.  Consider this, if very few people win the lottery, then how could that offer be any better?  Your chances of winning the lottery would probably be better than that offer.  As mentioned previously, check out if you encounter something suspicious.

Still not sure.

You can also refer to Google to find out if what you found is a scam.  If it is a scam, you find reports online for well known scams.  If you find that Google didn’t find much on your offer/scam, go directly to that companies website, if it’s legit, the website will be very professionally done.  If it’s not, tuck tail and run for that is a red flag!

Want a good place to start?

We here at provide you with both FREE lessons and premium courses to get you to start your journey to create your own successful Affiliate Marketing business.  We actually prefer for your own benefit that you would sign up for our FREE lessons to give you a foundation before even considering getting one of our premium courses.  First and foremost, we are here to inform and educate you, which is why we push the FREE lessons.  I had to start the hard way and I want to make it easier for people to not have to go through what I did in learning the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing. 

With our FREE Lessons, as they come into your inbox, you can as I said take that at your own pace.  Review one, take notes if you like and when you are ready proceed to the next one.  You’ll keep getting them for about 2 weeks and then whenever I send something, you’ll get that too.  Along with the FREE Lessons you get access to our Members Only page which complements the FREE Lessons with additional resources to aide you in your endeavor.  You’ll get an email with information on the Members Only page also.  Despite the fact that our lessons are FREE, you still have to be willing to dedicate yourself to the process and do the work, otherwise there would be no point in taking these lessons.  So how strong is your WHY? it’s up to you and your determination which will make the difference.   

So, in conclusion, if you suspect you found something online that is fraudulent or you are a victim of online fraud, then you should deal with it by going to right away.  You not only protect yourself, but others too. Affiliate Marketing is NOT a scam.  If you are really interested in an Affiliate Marketing course you can count on and trust, but not sure how much dedication or effort you want to give right now.  Your safest bet is to subscribe to our FREE Lessons, you can quit anytime or take it at your own pace.  A good foundation makes a difference, even if you decide not to pursue affiliate marketing, you’d at least have sound knowledge about it.  But let’s be serious, this works!  It’s why I went to the trouble to create this website to show others how to do it without wasting tons of time like I did.  You’ll even be given a FREE report right away in the lessons that you can review and keep as a FREE gift just for signing up.

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