How To Avoid Excuses And Further Your Business

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Energy eXecuted caUsing you Sensless Excess Stress or the Excuses you make in avoiding what you need to do or why things happened the way they did in your affiliate marketing business.  Have you said ouch yet?  Hey!  We’ve all been there in making excuses.  Now one should not confuse reasons with excuses as they are two different categories.  A good rule to apply for yourself and your business is that anything that keeps you from doing your business that furthers your efforts is an excuse.  This is true unless it’s a family or personal matter that needs attention to.

How Long?

Let’s go over some excuses and how to avoid making them:

1)- No Time – This is probably the biggest excuse made.  Yes, granted there are incidents that come about that legitimately make it hard to do your work.  The problem arises when it’s more often than not.  To correct this, you’ll need to re-examine your priorities and work on cutting the excuses thinking you don’t have enough time.  Another problem with this excuse is that you can eventually talk yourself out of doing the business, thus believing there is just no time and quit.  It’s a matter of priorities.

Now if one is experiencing a temporary issue and feel the need to pause the business, that’s one thing, but to continually feel there is no time, that’s another.

Regardless of your situation, you can always find some time each day to devote to this business.  It’s all In how you manage your time each day. 

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2)- No Money – This excuse actually shouldn’t even be used especially in the beginning.  Starting out, the only need for money would be if you decide to have a website or blog which is highly beneficial.  The only cost here would be hosting and Service Provider fees.  Now if you decide to have a website, you can either build one yourself or pay to have it done.  Beyond this phase, the only real need for money is if you wanted to purchase a premium resource that would be beneficial.  There are no real requirements in affiliate marketing making it necessary to spend money and if you are led to believe that there is, you better question your sources. 

3)- No Experience – This is another biggie as for affiliate marketing, no experience is required.  Granted, the more you know when starting out the better.  Don’t let yourself believe this lie.  There is a TON of free resources available to help develop that all important foundation to get you moving.  Affiliate marketing is the type of business that you learn as you go.  You’ll gain lots of knowledge, experience and skills as you go through our affiliate marketing journey.

Host your site

4)- No Website skills – This is another one that people don’t realize that you don’t have to have this right away.  If you know nothing about building a website, you can run your business without one.  You can always learn later.  There are many options to go about this and should not let you be intimidated about it.  Many people become successful without using a website or blog.  We are affiliated with Wealth Affiliate and they provide lots of instruction on creating a website for free as they walk you through it.

5)- Not good with the internet – In this case, consider this, if you are reading this post, you have some skills in using the internet.  Don’t put this kind of pressure on yourself.  You got here and that is the main thing.  The thing about skills is that they increase and improve as you persevere in a given area.  Where you are at one day will be considerably different days, weeks and months later.  Don’t be discouraged, be encouraged.  Many people feel this way as they haven’t done much online, but that should not be a stumbling block.  Learning affiliate marketing is a self-paced opportunity.

What is your host like?

6)- Online Access – Regardless how you connect to the Internet, don’t let online access be an issue.  If all you have is your mobile or cell phone, the you’re connected.  There may be some limitations having only a smartphone, but at least it’s a start.  You can always upgrade later.  Do what you can now and go from there.  See # 4 above regarding having no website skills.  You can pass by having your own website or blog for now.  You’ll be much farther ahead if you start now and upgrade later. 

7)- Online Fear – Like anything else, there is the good and the bad.  Don’t let fear keep you from creating a potentially lucrative opportunity.  The more you learn, the more you evolve, the more you make effort, that fear will dissolve and you’ll become more confident and become empowered as you move forward with your affiliate marketing business.  I’ve mentioned this one as I am aware that there are lot of people who actually fear the internet.  There are things that can be done to minimize any kind of negative or fraudulent issues.  Most our very concerned about Identity Theft online, check out this information on Identity theft – click link below – this information you’ll access below is from Microsoft.

Check out:

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There’s nothing wrong with fear unless it cripples you which is what is going on if you avoid things like the internet.


All these excuses I went over are just the most popular ones as there are many more.  The biggest motivator is how bad you want something.  If your inner self is saying no, that could be fear creeping up on you.  Remember Can’t never done anything and Fear is the false presence of reality.  You have an enormous and empowering resource in front of you as and Wealth Affiliate offers you a wealth of resources to build and maintain a strong foundation in affiliate marketing.  If you buy into just one of these or other excuses, you are just slamming the door to possibilities that could create an awesome future for yourself. 

Head over to our Getting Started page and open the door to your affiliate marketing journey now and empower yourself and get beyond all these excuses today!

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