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How To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

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We all know that there are many scams out there on just about anything including affiliate marketing.  The trick is to know before hand to avoid “getting scammed”.  With everyone’s intent is to make money, we can’t afford wasting time and money getting scammed.  Unfortunately, there are lots of people out there willing to take advantage of anyone.  Let’s go over tips on how to avoid these scams.

Phishing for you.

If the scammers reach out to you or email you, that can be a sign that they want something and could be a scam.  Most of the time it’s you that looks for an affiliate marketing opportunity.  It would be best recommended to avoid offers being sent to you.  You should treat this as a form of phishing to be safe.  You could think of it this way, if you didn’t invoke it, you don’t want it.  Now this is completely different from signing up for a newsletter from an affiliate marketing program and being sent offers and other important content.

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Do Your Research.

Found a company that really interests you?  Dig deeper and look for reviews, check better business bureau for their reputation.  Just like having a job interview, where the company wants to know more about you, you have the right to know more about them.


Is Timabeck.com a scam, the answer is “No!”.  In fact, if you choose to purchase anything, any monies transacted would be directly through the companies that we are affiliated with.  The only monies we see is in the form of a commission.  We only partner with reputable companies that “fit” with what we are providing our readers.  You can also search our blog for information on Scams as we occasionally do updates on this subject.  A lot of time and effort was put into creating the content, blog and acquiring the companies that we are affiliated with.  Just like spam, we despise scams.  Timabeck.com is a hub for all things affiliate marketing.

Avoid Startup Costs.

If you find a company and they want an investment right up front, then that is either NOT affiliate marketing or it’s a scam.  Many MLM’s (Multi Level Marketing) are like that and require an up-front investment.  We do not recommend getting involved with MLM’s as they are usually a pyramid scheme.  You need to be more concerned with saving your money at this stage of the game.

Avoid Lavish Promises.

You know the saying, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”, If you feel a negative vibe on something, trust it.  True affiliate marketing takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  These lavish promises end up as lavish lies for those who are tricked into the scheme.

Affiliate Marketing Ghosts.

This is a phrase that I came up for those who are actually having a MLM and are hiding behind affiliate marketing to avoid being found out as a MLM.  MLM’s require startup costs, recruiting, and any money you make is left over after sales like – Gros – cost = profit.  With an MLM, you have only one company, but with affiliate marketing, you have unlimited companies.

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No Money Back.

If you encounter a No Money Back Guarantee, then that is a red flag and you should be advised to “run”!  That’s a big signal to drop it and move on   Also, if there are any hidden costs or ridiculous upsells, then that’s another queue to cut and run. Once you go for it, you get hit with many income opportunities.

Money Matters.

With affiliate marketing, there is no startup costs and if you do encounter any, use caution as it may not be affiliate marketing.  In the beginning, your main concern is learning the skills, and knowledge to build your business.  The companies you would partner with are more concerned with you promoting what they have to offer then for you to pay out any startup costs.  So in the beginning, if you have to pay, then you should say “nay”.  This is not to say that you could be offered premium courses to help you further your efforts.  The difference here is that would be up to you to take advantage of those courses and they are not required.  You have to judge for yourself if you able to pay for these premium courses to help aide in your progress.  Don’t ever give in to any pressure being focused on you for these courses.  No affiliate marketing program worth their weight would ever pressure you.

Phony Courses.

This is a big one.  For someone out there who is new to affiliate marketing, and/or the internet, this can be easy to be tricked on.  There are many of these out there just waiting to catch you on.  Some of these scammers are playing it slickly, offering to send you irrelevant, useless eBooks, pens, and T-shirts just so you would pay them money for these courses that would only give them your money and dashed hopes to you in return.  Scams like these is also why when Timabeck.com chose to go into affiliate marketing, we reviewed various companies out there to see which were authentic and trustworthy.  You can do what we did, research and review what’s out there.  As we have said in the past, we would rather you would sign up for our FREE Lesson’s newsletter and/or make use of our Getting Started page rather than to make a purchase starting out.  Your foundation starting out is vital for you and that is important to us.


I just went over 9 tips regarding avoiding blogging scams and if you think these were enough, can you imagine what else is out there?  For access to more proven methods and reliable affiliate marketing techniques, check out our Getting Started Page and begin by signing up for our FREE Lessons’ newsletter.  Laying a strong foundation is what’ we’re all about.  Don’t allow scams to throw you off course, start with a firm secure course and sign up today.  Check out https://timabeck.com/getting-started today!

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