How Important Is A Strong Mindset

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When you start something, you have an abundance of motivation.  Like when you (if you have) started your affiliate marketing business, you were highly motivated to make things happen.  The key is to keeping that motivation strong as you go on.

Affiliate marketers at times need to be resilient as it can be a major mind game in maintaining an affiliate marketing business.  This fact also leads into why it is so important to set goals for the business.

This is the time of year, where people are looking for a change and it’s a great time to ramp up your promotions and cash in on what they’re looking for. 

Your Why is the most important part of your motivation.  Everyone has a WHY and it’s like the launch pad of action / motivation into what you are doing.  Check out our podcast on what is your why:

What is Your Why?

Your mindset has to be rock solid and spot on to securely go down the path of affiliate marketing.  It’s not always an easy path to follow.  But, with the right mindset, it will be much easier than without.

Think of it this way, and this is how I think about it:

Tim’s Rule:

  1.  If I am working with real proven methods, then this has got to work.
  2.  If I am providing reputable and dependable products and services, then this has got to work.
  3.  If the companies I am an affiliate of are reputable, then this has got to work.

This is my mindset and this also governs my thinking on what products and services that I make available to people like you through  By keeping these 3 things in mind, it flows into your confidence which interns fires up your dedication and motivation. 

There’s so much available to you that you can’t not make things happen for yourself.  You just have to be willing to put fourth the effort and do the work.  Don’t find yourself kicking your but for not doing the work and therefore not getting anywhere. 

You have to realize that half the work is already done for you.  With all the resources that are available, all you have to do is direct people to the websites of the companies you represent.  They do the real selling. is a hub for affiliate marketing handing all that is affiliate marketing to you on a silver platter.  While I am glad you are here, I really want to see you get started and really succeed.  That’s why I went to all this trouble to create  There is a ton of content in our blog dedicated to affiliate marketing and you. 

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Keep it relevant.

Anything you offer through your website, make sure it’s all relevant and fits what you are doing with your website or blog.  Anything that goes beyond the scope of your website or blog would be best saved for another website idea.  Keep your mindset focused in one direction.  Don’t expand beyond one blog until you reach the point where it’s okay to split into multiple directions.  That could be a long time down the road and should not be early in your journey.  In all truth, you may never divide and conquer.  It’s okay to stay in one place and conquer that world (niche). 

Building confidence.

Following proven methods can lead to a confidence building reality.  This is true as you’ll find out, especially when you see that people are signing up for your newsletter which can be very inspiring, especially when sales start coming in. 

Negative tones.

You have to be very careful of what others say and think about what you are doing.  Some may drop subtle hints or wise cracks.  Others may criticize your ideas.  Mainly it’s out of jealousy and you just have to block it all out.  This can happen, and you need to brace yourself for it.  You even have to be very careful with your thoughts as well.  Some days can and will happen that may make you think of quitting.  This is when you have to remember why you got started and keep going.  Say “No” to those thoughts.  You may even need to reflect on your why.

Knowledge and knowhow.

You can’t and won’t know everything, but you can expand your horizons by diving into free trainings and also to find a mentor who already has been where you’re at now.  Mentor’s are invaluable, as I know, I have one and still keep in touch.  Mentor’s make all the difference in the world as they give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience. 

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Time is money.

If you are new or haven’t started yet, the longer you take to decide to start, is the time you’ve lost in making money.  So basically, each day you put off in deciding, is a day lost in making a sale.  It does take time to create and build an affiliate marketing business, so each day is valuable In that sense.  Yesterday can’t be gotten back, but tomorrow can be gotten if you start today.   Affiliate Marketing is very legit and does work.  You just have to roll up your sleaves and do the work.  Others can’t do it for you.


 Now, there are other venues like distributorships where you build a downline.  Then yes others can do the work for you, but, affiliate marketing doesn’t work that way.  Now be careful, the concept of distributorships may sound intriguing, but they can be very risky.  They require a sizable sum of money to invest in to get started.  With Affiliate Marketing, you won’t have that.

Take Action!

Take action today and either commit or re-commit to an affiliate marketing career.  You’ll have access to all the support, trainings, and tips you need to cement yourself as an affiliate marketer.  Building a strong foundation will add fire to your commitment in building a successful business. Check out our Getting Started page for our 3 easy steps to get started.

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