Here’s a Quick Way to Solve Poor Management

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With all that we affiliate marketers are faced with, one’s daily routine can sometimes be hard to manage.  We hold different roles as we facilitate our business, as everything falls on our shoulders.  Solving your management needs early on can save you a lot of time and anguish with your business.

There is a way that one can C.O.P.E with managing one’s affiliate marketing business and below are some tips to get you on top of your game (not in order of importance).  This all has to do with how you manage your time.  The following will help you better manage each area of concern:

Go Green

Content Management – Creating content, whether it is the posts/articles you publish, promotions, videos etc is your main function as an affiliate marketer.  This where you share your affiliate marketing link to the public.  Typically, it can take around 3 hours to write a 1000 word post.  Additionally, there is time spent for both content & keyword research.  So you could spend anywhere from 1 hour or more in overall research depending upon the length of your post.  Time management is key here.  You should strive to post at the minimum of once a week.

Organize – Organizing your time is important and crucial especially if you work a full-time job and do affiliate marketing as a side hustle.  There’s the time it takes to do the content creation and research, promotion, planning and setting goals.  Granted some of these may not be done every day, but they do take up your valuable time.  Fortunately, there are two resources you can make use of to better organize your business and they are and  You need to learn to prioritize and make adjustments to your priorities when appropriate. 

For goal setting you can refer to The 4 Most Important Steps To Solving Poor Goals.

Promote your business – Promoting your business should be a daily occurrence and done multiple times a day.  The more exposure you give to your business the more traffic you’ll be likely to receive.  See this article on  How To Make Use Of A Secret That Unlocks Traffic To Your Website  as it will also explain how often to send promotions to social media sites which is important when it comes to time management.


External Pressures – Family and life can sometimes collide with your business efforts.  In a basic way you can explain to your family what you are doing as they have no clue.  Impress the importance of what you are doing to them so they can grasp the idea that it’s an important necessity.  You need to schedule a block of time where you will only do your business and others will need to respect that boundary.

Now from time to time there will be those unavoidable distractions that you just can’t do anything about such as doctor’s appointments, sick time etc.  You need to also be disciplined enough to avoid such things as TV, games, company etc.


Keeping C.O.P.E. in mind, you can learn to prioritize and better manage your affiliate marketing business. 

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