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Low rankings while undesirable, in the beginning can be considered somewhat normal.  Going forward, one should strive to get past that issue.  There are some tips that can help move you along.  One thing to keep in mind that when you have a new blog, Google won’t even index your site for at least 30 days.  Your best action starting out is to keep being consistent and persistent and get that content on your blog.

1)- Heal the pain – Selling someone the idea of how to solve the problem, getting them to “buy it” is another.  You need to sell them on both sides of the solution.  I went over this topic in the past 2 posts, 7 Copywriting Tips To Close The Sale – Part 1 and Part 2.  

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2)- Increase Speed – If your website or blog is loading too slow this could be an issue as well, not to mention that you could be losing a lot of visitors that could be potential customers or even signups.  One thing to keep in mind, that while your website or blog may load quickly on your browser, it could be a cached version loading.  Thus, you may not be experiencing the true speed of your site.  You can make use of a tool that can show you your stats including speed at

3)- Offer Bonuses – This is a great way to motivate or entice potential customers to purchase your product or service.  As you are competing with hundreds of affiliate marketers, having a way to entice a potential customer is essential for your efforts.  Here’s a real live example of a bonus or special offer, check this out:  Special Offer link.  If you are looking for a new host for your site, go ahead and take advantage of it.  Bonuses inspire interest and can have an impact on your efforts especially if the word gets out.

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4)- Good SEO – You may need to improve your Search Engine Optimization by updating or adding keywords, Title length, and paragraph size to improve your results.  This includes any header tags as well as categories.  Images should be used throughout your post as eye catching colorful pictures to say a lot regarding what you are writing about.  Anything put into a post is considered content and can impact your outcome.

5)- Backlinks – It’s a good idea to link to other websites so users who are reviewing what you have, have access to more in-depth and relevant information.  It’s also a good idea especially when giving credit to a website for quoting something found on a specific site.  Giving credit is vital in avoiding plagiarism.  By linking to other sites, you also will get backlinks to your site and gain referral traffic which is a bonus.  To check your sites backlinks, check out Ahrefs Backlink Checker.

6)- Broken Links – It’s a good idea to check for these now and then.  This is a very important matter to keep in mind.  Afterall, would you want your visitor to get a 404 error page when clicking on a link?  Would you want that for yourself?  This creates a bad user experience and you don’t want that for your visitors.  Broken links can have an impact on your rankings.  To check your website or blog for broken links, here’s a free resource you can make use of, it’s called Broken Link Checker.

7)- Navigation – If people can’t find what they want on your site, it’s likely they’ll leave for another site thus contributing to your bounce rate.  You want your site to be User Friendly when it comes to navigation.  A well-planned structured site that makes it easy for people to find what they want will lead to your visitors coming back.  Repeated visitors can improve your rankings.

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8)- Mobile Friendly – I’ve said this before, your site should be mobile friendly and if it’s not, you’ll lose lots of potential customers as a huge portion of the internet use mobile devices.  Google penalizes websites if they are not mobile friendly by lowering their rankings.  A good SEO plugin can help you with this as well.  Google has a free resource to help determine if your website or blog is mobile friendly, check out their Mobile Friendly Test now.

9)- Contact Friendly – You should provide appropriate contact information on your site.  You can create a Contact Us page for people to contact you, even if it just by email.  Talk about creating an untrustworthy feeling if no ability to contact you is available.  You can also create a Google Business page for your site which is very helpful.  Include your link to your website in Google Business when creating that page.

10)- Share on Social Media – It’s advantageous to share your content with links on social media as others will share what you shared.  You may not realize this but you can improve your SEO rankings if you share the link to your website on social media.  It’s a win win situation.  If you have a lot of followers on social media, that’s potentially a lot of shares.  You should also share your content multiple times a day if possible, especially if you are sending out promotions in addition to your content.  Promotions in addition to your normal content and lead to an increase of traffic to your site.

11)- Write SEO friendly titles and descriptions – This matters, more than you know. Would you like to see part of the headline cut off or even a partial description online for those searching for what you promote?  Your headline is only 65 characters in length where as the meta description limit is 160 characters in length.  A good SEO plugin will help you with this.  Such as All in one SEO found in the wordpress repository.


The more you can do to improve your rankings the better it is for you and your site.  To check your rankings for free, check out Free Google rankings checker.  With Google always changing things around, it’s always good to stay on top of your game with your rankings.  For more proven methods and other insights, sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter today.

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