Episode 7 – Return Of The Turkey Thigh

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and welcome to today’s Turkey Cast.  This is the second episode in our Internet Wars saga.  So, grab your Turkey thigh and beverage as we embark on today’s podcast. 

Okay, as we give thinks this holiday season, what are you thankful for?

  1.  Family
  2. Career
  3. Need for a new career or secondary income
  4. Health


Now where are you during this holiday season? 

  1.  Stuck in a dead end job
  2. Tired and wishing to advance
  3. Happy and content, or
  4. Ready for another career to really sink your teeth in

I grabbed my prize and you can too! 

In a previous podcast, I talked about your Why, So you must have some reason for being here right now.  What is your Why?  I’ll pause right now and you can jot that down for future sake….

Great, now that you have a Why, you have a reason to get started.  Stop putting things off and start motoring down the super highway to success.

Basically it comes to this one point that is the directional beacon of your success.  That would be “How bad do you want it”.  You can choose to either be one of 3 places and they are 1 – Broke, 2 – Okay, or 3 well off.  So you have your why as you found earlier, so where is your destination?

We have the perfect starting point for you, Download are FREE report on Affiliate Marketing.  Just sign up for our FREE lessons or see the link for the download in this episode.

We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

This is Tim, and until next time…

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