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Do You Recognize the 4 Warning Signs of Low Conversions?

Whether you are new to blogging and have had some difficulty in getting conversions, or you’ve been at it for a while and did have some success, but your conversions have dipped, we have some suggestions for you.

Let’s go over the 4 warning signs of low conversions:

High Bounce Rates – It’s the percentage of visitors who come to your website and leave without doing anything.  Kind of like Hi and bye sort of thing.   Not even opting for anything you have to offer.

Low Repeat Visit Rates – A rate of 0% or even less than 27% is considered low.

Limited Social Engagement – A rate under 1.64% is considered a low rate while 1.64% to 3.48% is considered a good engagement rate.

Understand Who Your Buyers are – Understanding who your ideal customers are, how their days are and the challenges they face.  When you can empathize with them, that makes a difference.

Now, while there are more warning signs, these are four that are really important and can either help you or break you.  Do any of these apply to you?  Starting out, this can be normal, but as you start to evolve you’ll want to grow and improve on these signs.  You can consider these warning signs as metrix that you can use in understanding how to improve your performance.  You have to start somewhere and knowing where you stand is a good thing.  While no one wants to fail or perform poorly, if you know where you stand, that is a starting point you can make use of in growing your business.  After all, if you don’t know your stats, then how will you know what to do in moving forward?

How to make use of these 4 warning signs:

Reducing your bounce rate –   Make changes such as a) Optimize your call to action placement, b) Improve your overall user experience, c) Improve your site speed, d) Use high quality images to attract users attention.  These are just some of the changes you can make in improving, reducing your bounce rate.  Your goal is to keep your visitors on your website and not to let them go elsewhere.  One other thing is to make it possible for your customers to reach out to you.  Provide your contact information even if it’s just an email address.

Improving Repeat Visit Rates The most important change is to build an email list.  This will increase chances of making a sale and provide your visitors/customers with valuable information.  Offer incentives to your audience, give them something of value that gets their attention.  Don’t be like a plain jane site, boring doesn’t sell.  Track and benchmark your overall traffic stats.  Google Analytics is a good wordpress plugin to use for this.  Answer all questions and comments.  If a visitor leaves a comment, always respond as soon as possible.  This makes your visitor feel valued which is highly important.

Improve Social Engagement – First and foremost, post content that is of value and worth engaging with.  Respond to all comments and use images in every post.  Get more followers.  Encourage readers to comment, like and share your content.  Be consistent with your social engaging.  Ask a question, and do a poll.  Run contests and/or giveaways to attract attention.  Use an auto-poster plugin to schedule and auto post your posts to all of your social media. 

Understanding who your buyers are – Understanding who your buyers / audience is can go a long way in improving conversion rates.  It helps if you can empathize with your readers then you can do a better job of acquiring and serving them.  By knowing and understanding them, you’ll provide only what they are looking for.  When you can empathize and feel like they do then you can be better prepared in giving them what they need and want.  This is probably the most important of these 4 items as if you don’t understand the needs of your buyers, then you would have no chance in their satisfaction.  That would be a bad thing. 

Getting past these 4 hurdles is of course a great starting point, but they aren’t the end answer.  I know you didn’t want to hear that right?  They are really important, but there are other warning signs to consider.  I just went over what I felt were the most important ones to consider in getting started.  On another note if you are having low conversion rates, could be the topic you are writing about and/or possibly not the right target audience.  Knowing your audience is crucial.  If you don’t know your audience, then it would be like trying to hit a bullseye blind folded.  Who wants to do that when it can be so much easier when you know your target audience.

Hurdles are not walls and definitely can be overcome.  Even walls can be brought down.  The more tools you have, the better chances you have in increasing your conversion rates.  I just went over some of these warning signs to be aware of, so imagine what kind of success you’d have if you have access to more tools that can aide in your conversion rates?  Life is full of hurdles, wouldn’t it make sense to take advantage of what you can to find the answers you need in jumping these hurdles?

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