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Do You Recognize the 15 Warning Signs of No Stick-to-itiveness?

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We’ve all been there, when things get slow and mundane which leads to boredom and then potentially a lack of interest.   The key here is not to stop.  So, why would you stop what you are doing?  There can be any number of things which leads you to divert your attention in another direction.  One of the things I’ve heard is that some people quit just right before success would have happened.  Scary, but true this is and it happens all to often.  Were you ever promised that it would be easy?  Of course not, and don’t think for a minute that those who succeeded didn’t’ go through what you going through are right now. 

Let’s take a look at these 15 warning signs and how to deal with them:

1)-Little or No progress.

No signups – No one signing up for your newsletter and it’s been months or even a year.  If this is you, perhaps you should consider what you are offering and change things up.  I had to do this once and it paid off.  This one thing is one of the walls I talked about in an earlier post.  Just a couple of things to consider – Is what you are offering out of date or not as popular? 

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Drive traffic to your site

Low traffic – If you are having this problem, then perhaps you need to brush up on your keyword research.  This is crucial and can make a big impact on your organic traffic. 

The above 2 together can influence one to get “bummed” and start getting discouraged.  Not to mention a lack of sales which is a derivative of these two items.  You have to have traffic to have signups and the more signups you have the better chances you have to make sales.

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2)- Poor Time Management.

How you manage your time can make a big impact on what you are doing.  How many hours a day are you dedicating yourself to your cause?  Are you watching too much TV or spending to much time socializing?  Yes, you do need fun time, but to much fun leads to less funds in your bank account.  The more time you can devote the better your goals will be reached. 

I mentioned this in one of the posts regarding setting goals, but, the best way to set and accomplish your goals is to have them scheduled and in a manner that they can be “checked” off the list.  A good tool to assist your is  I use it and it’s worth it and it’s Free.  Making use of a tool like this will add fuel to the fire especially if you are one who needs that extra push to get the job done. 

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3)- Your Why – This is big and it’s your fuel to keep you going.  If your why isn’t strong enough, then your efforts will crash around you.  Your why plays along with motivation which is a powerful thing and can get you places.  I did a podcast quite a bit ago and you need to check it out.

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improve sales

4)- Not setting goals – Setting little or no goals can be just as bad as not following through with your goals.  You have to know what you are trying to achieve if you ever plan to get anywhere.  There are short term goals, long term goals and targets to follow, check out these posts to learn more about goal setting:

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5)- Interruptions – Along with Poor Time Management, if you are constantly getting interrupted by family and friends, then this is a problem and they need to recognize how important your work is to you.  Now, I am not talking now and then.  I am meaning every day where you can’t seem to concentrate on your work

6)- No Promotions – This is another big one, as you should be promoting your business in addition to all the content you are creating.  If all you do is writing posts, then without promotions, it will take a lot longer.  The difference with promotions versus the posts you write, promotions happen daily depending upon your promotion goals.  When I started promoting, I noticed a big difference in my traffic.

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7)- Niche Interest – Did you pick the right niche for your interests?  Picking the right one is more than just picking one that you like.  That is important, but what really matters is how popular the niche is.  You should do plenty of research before picking a niche.  Jumping ship mid business can be hard thing to accomplish.  You should realize that your readers will know how interested you are in the niche you are promoting just by your work.  So, if your niche is your issue right now, try reviewing your niche and see how to find a new inspired interest in it.  You want to re-ignite what you had at the start.

8)- The Dread Of It – If you are dreading what you are doing, then either blogging wasn’t a good choice for you or as mentioned in #7 – you may have picked the wrong niche or maybe you expected to much too soon.

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9)- Lack of skills – Perhaps you are lacking some skill that you need to continue with blogging? This is no reason to stop.  With blogging, acquiring some skills can take time depending upon what you had when you started and what you encounter on your blogging journey.  A lot of skills you acquire along the way arrive due to circumstances you encounter.

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10)- Lack of focus – Do you have issues with keeping focused on something long term?  Blogging is where dedication, persistence and perseverance will take you places.  If you have issues in these areas, then you need to find ways to get past them.  This is all part of your resolve to build a successful blogging business.  Tough skin is what you need and you need to keep going nonstop.  No one will do the work for you and if they did, it wouldn’t be your business very long.

11)- Going it alone – This can be a problem for the short term.  Did you ever think of finding a Mentor?  You would be surprised on the impact this will have on both your skills, motivation and direction etc.  You may not realize this, but I have a mentor and I still keep in touch with him.  This is a very powerful source to granitize your efforts.

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No time like the present

12)- Failure to launch – Not exactly like the movie quite a few years ago, but in reference to when someone signs up for the free newsletter like my FREE Lessons newsletter and they never do anything more.  Do they even read the emails sent to them?  The newsletters are not meant to be the end answer to your needs, just seeds to plant to get you going.  Isn’t it time to stop jumping around and nurture the seeds planted?  Get started today!  These warning signs are like any other affiliate marketing tips that can be provided, if you never take advantage of them, you can’t expect to make much progress.  It takes time to develop, grow and nurture any business, both online and offline, so the sooner you get moving, the better it will be for you.  This also applies to signing up for one’s newsletter and in a few days you end up unsubscribing from their list not even giving it enough time to be of any worth to you.

13)-Lack of research – If you don’t do your research, how can you expect to grow.  Research is one of the necessities of this business.  You can’t expect to evolve if you don’t do your research.  With research, in a couple of years you’ll learn a lot more with the content you are creating.  It’s not just for your readers, but for you too.  If you want to grow, then you need to be “in the know”.

14)-Too high expectations – You should not set your expectations too high with blogging.  Yes, it can become lucrative, and yes, you can really succeed.  But it takes time, if you are expecting things to explode overnight, then the only thing that will explode will be your efforts as you’ll burn out.  With these and other affiliate marketing tips via our blog, you can develop your priorities and set your expectations at a more realistic level.

15)- Lack of support – Don’t let this keep you from moving forward.  There is a wealth of support right in front of you. is an affiliate with Affilorama and between the two of us, you have access to tons of content and free lessons.  Whether or not you’ve been smacked in the face with these 15 warning signs, you’ll have access to everything you need to get moving.  Don’t waist anymore time, learn from these 15 warning sings, bookmark this page or make note of them.

To have access to more proven methods, check out our Getting Started page to get past all of this.

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