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Do You Recognize the 12 Warning Signs of Low Signups?

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In the beginning there’s a difference between low signups and no signups.  The difference is that in the beginning, you site is new and not very well known, odds are that you wouldn’t be flooded with signups every month.  But as time goes, things change, and so does your signups.  Now if you are starting to get known and have low signups, that’s a problem.  Let’s go over these warning signs and how to fix them:

Opt In

No Optin Box – Yes, I know, why would I list this first you ask?  Some who create a website or blog, neglect to have one in the beginning.  The beginning is a very important time and curiosity can draw subscribers.  You also want to have your opt-ins on more that one place making it obvious to sign up.  If you don’t have one, get one soon! 

Sign up ease of access – Is your Optin-Box is easy for people to find?  Is it in every page?  Is it eye catching for people to see?  There is a plugin that can change things up for you and I’ll go over that later.

Is it obvious? – Is your email opt-in box obvious?  If someone lands on your site, is it prominent and right out in plane site?  It should be so obvious that no matter who lands on your site, it’s found right away.

Fear and Spam – Many people avoid signing up as they are afraid of the possibility that they will get spammed.  They are also afraid of what they may get as a result of subscribing as they don’t know you.  You need to inspire a sense of trust and positivity to your audience.  It may take time, but it will develop.

You should also provide a way to unsubscribe in your emails.  While you would not want unsubscribing, it’s essential to give your readers this option.

Personal information handling – People need to know that if they choose to unsubscribe, that they can delete their personal information from your site.  This option is available on  Yes, people may delete their information, but if you have this available, those deleting may come back later as they know they can be secure here.

I'm bored

Lack of interest – Are you providing a topic that people are interested in?  this can lead to low or no signups.  How is your traffic?  This can factor in on your signups.  Are you doing enough research and creating compelling content that is drawing people to your blog?  The quality of your effort, will shine through to your readership.  You need to promise value.

How useful – Are the tips you are providing useful?  Are they in demand?  This applies to the lack of interest I just went over.  Are you providing useful content that can be depended on?  You need to do quality research and back up your posts with what you’ve “dug up” in your research.  The more useful and dependable your content the more subscribers you’ll end up with.

Saves money and time – Does what you offer save your readers money and time?  Do they have to keep researching or can they use what you provide as a done deal?  Your dependability will payoff in the retention of your readers and subscribers.

Asking to subscribe – Are you asking your readers to subscribe? You can’t assume that they will.  This does have an impact on signups.  You don’t know, when they are on your site, if they are even thinking of subscribing, as they may be searching through your site and checking out the content. 

Site quality – Is your website or blog eye catching and compelling enough to draw in subscribers?  How your site looks can have a huge impact on user interest.  If you have a less then professional looking website then odds are your subscribers will be low.

Promoting excitement

Positivity and enthusiasm – Do your readers get a sense of positivity and enthusiasm when they read your content?  This can be like a magnet and draw your readers to want to subscribe.   Are you getting the point across to your readers?  Are you seeing their side of issues?  Are you making them glad they are on your site?

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Have the right plugin – The right plugin to capture email addresses can make a difference In your efforts.  They are not all created equal and I have one for you.  You need to get this plugin from OptinMonster as it will help capture your subscribers.  Click here or the image below for details.


With these 12 warning signs and solutions, you should be able to get past low email signups.  This is an issue that many face.  The solution around this is easy especially with the OptinMonster plugin that paves the way for signups.  Get OptinMonster today!

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