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Affilitized Episode 3 Bi Weekly Video cast for 05-10-22

This is your bi-weekly video cast on what’s new and trending in affiliate marketing.

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How To Promote Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

The neat thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s as simple as sharing your affiliate link so that people could get what they want of what you are promoting. It’s that simple, but sometimes people make it harder than it is. We’ll cover some very useful tips…

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Affiliate Marketing Research – The Importance and why you should care

Affiliate marketing research is so important, that some either get stuck in the mode of research or even rush right through it. Research make such a difference, that you success depends on it. We’ll expose tips you need that you need to get past any rut…

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How To Have A Part Time Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing can be done part time which is good for those who can’t devote too many hours to it. We’ll reveal what can be done to accomplish this…

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Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing And Why Should You Care

Influencers are those who are top in their niche and can have a higher influence on brand awareness. So, what is influencer marketing? We’ll reveal this and other tips…

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Endless searching

Affilitized – Going nowhere fast and how to change

Image by from Pixabay Biweekly episode 11 for 8-30-22 Hey this is Tim Beck and welcome to Affilitized, and this is your bi-weekly video cast on what’s new and trending in affiliate marketing.  Today’s topic is “Going nowhere fast and how to change” Click the button below to go to our youtube page:

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What is Marketing Research And Why Should You Care?

A lot of people marketing research and that’s sad. You should know what’s going on in or niche. Let’s reveal what’s needed…

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Side Hustles

How To Start A Side Hustle

When it comes to work-from-home side hustles there are plenty to choose from, and as remote work technologies are constantly being implemented by companies. We’ll expose some of these…

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Beware of scams

Can You Become An Overnight Sensation In Affiliate Marketing?

There are many lessons/trainings one can take in their journey with affiliate marketing. So can you become an overnight sensation with affiliate marketing? Keep reading to find out…

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Pyramid Schemes

How To Know If Affiliate Marketing Is a Pyramid Scheme or Scam

With all the online scams, pyramid schemes and fraud that is going on, it can sometimes be difficult maneuvering the Internet as it’s like an online mine field. Let’s expose the secrets to get through the mind field.

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