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Blogging: 7 Killer Ways to New Content

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There will come a time when you as a blogger will scratch your head wondering what to write about next.  This can and will happen.  When it does, you have to get creative and take action to push through the wall of uncertainty.  Just because you’re dry, doesn’t mean your efforts have to die.  There are many ways to get past this and we’re going to cover 5 of them. 

Let’s get past some of these now.

1)- What’s trending.

Consider what is trending to see what people are searching for.  Google Trends is a good resource to aide you in this area.  Good keyword research come about from what is trending.  To get good keywords visit which will also aide in finding the keywords that will bring about what people are searching for as you can see what is trending there too.  You don’t want to waist time writing posts that no one is searching for. Doing this is nothing more than hoping someone will be interest in what you are writing about. 

What’s currently trending is what you should start with when doing your research on what to write about next.  In addition to keyword research, also has a “blog topic generator” which really does a good job in generating a title for you blog posts.

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2)-Search social media.

Want to know what others are searching for?  Go to the source.  You can see what’s going on in your niche in social media.  You can come up with ideas perusing sites like Facebook and twitter etc.  There always something going on in social media.  You can also search other sites like forums, boards etc.  Where ever there is content in your niche you can find ideas to write about.  You can even get a sense of what is trending in social media as well.

3)- Review past posts.

Go back and review what you’ve already wrote about and see if there is anything you can branch off with.  Your own blog is a vital resource for you and your readers.  There is no reason why you can’t benefit from it as well.  This is called interlinking articles where you can write a post and link to other posts.  Interlinking can also improve your sites SEO.  You should also pay attention to your blog comments for anything your audience is saying.

4)- Your Competitors.

What are your competitors doing?  Like social media, your competitor’s website is a good source to see what’s going on with them.  You can get good ideas from their posts as well, just don’t plagiarize.  There can be a wealth of good content on those sites.  The more sources you can find the more content you can create.

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5)- Google Search Suggestions.

If you have any kind of an idea and just not sure where to begin, type part of it in googles search engine and it will show you a list of related topics to choose from.  It doesn’t even have to be google, as others like DuckDuckGo will work too. This is another good way to come up with a topic to write about.  Once you do this, then develop some keywords for it in a keyword research tool to ensure that it’s really trending right now. 

6)- Create a poll.

Polls are a great way to get input from your readers.  You can get a sense from them on what they are searching for as well as their needs.  Fortunately, wordpress has some great poll plugins, one of which is Quiz, Poll, Survey & Form by Opinion Stage – Add a highly engaging poll, survey, quiz or contact form builder to your site. You can add the poll, survey, quiz or form to any post/page or to the sidebar.  For an example of how this looks go to our blog as there is always one there.

Personal stories

7)- Personal Stories.

When you are not sure or in doubt, personal stories can be a great fall back in creating a post worth your audience’s time.  Tell about mistakes, discoveries and lessons you’ve encountered.  As per example, one mistake I made was not creating a sufficient backup for a website I had. 

Because of that regretful mistake, the website was lost and I could not recover from that.  Even the best bloggers can make mistakes, if one is not careful enough.  I do use this example now and then when it’s appropriate, and it’s always best to be open when creating this type of post.  Your integrity will shine through when you do.


Helpful hint – If you are in the midst of a post and you don’t like where it’s going and you seem stuck, that’s when I trash it and move on to another topic.  Don’t cling on to something that you in your heart are not happy with.  Would you post something you don’t like?  I wouldn’t.  Move on and nail it!

Other ways can include:  books, content websites, forums, conducting interviews, product reviews etc.

One other suggestion would be to sign up for newsletters to get ideas from them in what to write about.  You can do that now to have access to more proven methods, sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter to get access to content others don’t have access to —

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