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Beginners Guide To Start Paving The Way To The Top

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You can make some insane money as an affiliate marketer and there is a process involved to get there.  It’s awesome that intermediate affiliate marketers, earn from $300/day up to $3,000/day; and that  High-level affiliates marketers, earn above $3,000/day.  Then there are Super affiliates marketers or, as you can often find them being referred to as the “gurus of affiliate marketing,” who make more than $10,000/day.  Does any of this amaze you?  Well, it should as it’s very possible, you just have to go for it.  As I mentioned, there is a process, a process to be followed leading to those who follow it to success.

Some of you may believe this, some of you may doubt it, but, none of you will be able to say that you weren’t made aware of this and more.  Anyone and everyone can “start” an affiliate marketing business, but only those willing to stay on for the long hall, will succeed.  If you want the here and now, then you’ll probably end up taking a bow.

Who’s at the top?

Here’s the top 5 Affiliate Marketers with a brief summary about them:

·  1  Pat Flynn – Started in 2008 and today is the top affiliate marketer with 80% income in affiliate matketing.

·  2  John Chow – Started from nothing and is now estimated monthly income is over $50,000.

·  3  Jeremy Shoemaker – Started in 2003 – has made millions of dollars in affiliate marketing.

·  4  Neil Patal – Has make a ton of money with his websites, not necessarily affiliate marketing.

·  5  Darren Rowse – Started blogging in 2002 and has made his fortune selling ebooks online.

Reference:  For more information about these and others check out  This is where I got the details for the above 5 top affiliate marketers.  Feel free to check out for more. is not at all affiliated with  You should know that becoming successful with affiliate marketing doesn’t happen over night and can take years to get there.

How about you?

The moment you start making money as an affiliate marketer, you are already on the rung or latter to success.  Persistence pays off and you just have to keep at it.  This is not a pyramid scheme as they are illegal.  If it were, you’d never be able to climb above even the top 5.  The sky is the limit, and your efforts are boundless if you stay persistent and consistent.

Even these top 5 affiliate marketers had to start somewhere, so don’t let the fact that you’re at the bottom keep you from what could be an interesting and lucrative future.  You just have to be willing to dedicate yourself.  Any business, or job takes time to develop and grow. 

A Super Affiliate is one who is at the top of their game in the affiliate marketing industry and has learned and rose above other affiliates.  In truth, the wealth of a Super Affiliate is immeasurable.  Super Affiliates demand more power and can actually demand higher commissions.  This is because merchants recognize their value. 

Super Affiliate marketers work hard at building a stable income and never loose site of their goal.  They use their time wisely and never waste it on prep work or trainings.  They’ve learned the true meaning of “do only what works”.

Laying the foundation.

I just went over who the top 5 affiliate marketers were, and how much can be made.  Now I’ll go over how to get there.  Earlier this year (2020), I became an affiliate with Affilorama which was founded by Mark Ling a successful Affiliate Marketer because of his proven methods.  Which I felt was a good fit for  I suggest that you first refer to the recommended reading below as it’s invaluable.

Recommended Readings:

See also:

Each process has steps to follow that first provides you a foundation so that you can start building your successful affiliate marketing business.  When you build a house, it’s only as good as the foundation that is lade.  Successful affiliate marketers do lots of research to be on top of their game.

There are 3 easy steps for you to follow that are available through to start laying your foundation.  They come with no obligations on your part except for your willingness to dedicate yourself to the process.

The first step is to sign up for our FREE Lessons Newsletter that delivers proven methods to your inbox for you to be able to learn and earn an affiliate income.  You’ll get easy to follow emails and updates from us to empower and equip you on your affiliate marketing journey.  With this, you’ll stay up to date on a regular basis.

The second step is to absorb yourself with the essential resources with Affilorama.  These awesome resources include a step by step beginners guide which will empower you to start your journey on a successful path into affiliate marketing.  This is crucial as it provides you direction.  There’s a lot of resources available.

The third step is for you to sign up for a FREE membership with Affilorama, which is essential as it gives you access to resources others don’t have access to.

Even the super affiliates had to start somewhere, even they had to follow a process.  Anyone can do this despite your sill level.  Affilorama has everything you need to be empowered to get started in affiliate marketing. 

The 3 steps I gave you previously, are important steps to take to start laying your foundation.  Everyone starts at the same place, at the bottom rung.  Everyone can make use of these steps, but only those who dedicate themselves to the process will persevere.  Now, these 3 steps are not the end answer, but the beginning stages to set forth your journey into affiliate marketing.  As I said, every house needs a good firm foundation, lay yours today!

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