Create an email list

11 Tips On Creating And Running An Email List

Having a good quality email list can be empowering for both you as well as your subscribers. Let’s expose some secrets to get you going…

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ways to make money online

Online Marketing:  5 Killer Ways To Make Passive Income

As there is always need for extra cash, and as prices never stay the same and at times keep rising, more income is always welcome. Let’s expose some secrets…

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Affilitized – To have or not to have a website

Image by Christian Schröder from Pixabay Episode 5 – Bi Weekly Video cast for 06-07-22      Welcome to Affilitized, I’m Tim Beck and this is your bi-weekly video cast on what’s new and trending in affiliate marketing.  Today’s topic is to answer the question “To have a website or not to have a website” that…

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Come In!

Website Themes: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

When in the design and construction phase of building your website or blog, your theme is a very important part of this phase. There are choices to make and we’ll reveal some tips to consider…

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Keyword Research

How To Conduct Keyword Research For Beginners

Whether you’re at the point of starting a blog or you’re tired of lower than expected traffic to your blog, then it’s time to consider a topic that may be new to you. It’s called Keyword Research.

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Creating Content

How To Create A Website From Scratch

Many bloggers want to take the challenge and create their own website from scratch. There are many avenues to accomplish this. You can create one from scratch from a service online for free or you can take this on yourself if you purchase a hosting package like I did. I’ll go over the most important steps in designing a website…

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My Review

My Review Of, Affiliate Marketing and YOU

Affiliate Marketers who are beginners through Intermediate level are able to find a variety of useful content and resources through I am going to review, affiliate marketing and of course YOU…

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Bake it happen!

How To Have A Passion That Pays

Successful businesses in some cases are started by those small little in house ideas. Start yours today. We’ll reveal the tips you need to get started…

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Affilitized – What do you have to go back to?

Today’s topic is – what do you have to go back to? We’ll go over what you can do…

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