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     Welcome to Affilitized, I’m Tim Beck and this is your bi-weekly video cast on what’s new and trending in affiliate marketing. 

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First, I’m excited to tell you about what’s new with as we’ve added a new Learning Center which compliments our blog and free for you to access.  This will make it easier for you to learn what you need to learn quicker and easier through our site.  There is also a Help page to aide you with what you are looking for

Also, we’ve added 3 new companies that we’ve become affiliated with this year and they provide resources in advertising, content writing and email marketing which will aide in furthering affiliate marketers like yourself.

Online Presence

Now with what’s been trending in affiliate marketing, I’ve seen that side jobs, click through rates, job market, pyramid schemes and influencer marketing is what’s been searched for.  You can find these on our blog on our blog – 

Side jobs – what you can do on the side to make additional income

Click Through Rates – where you stand on those clicking on your emails

Job market – in relation to side jobs, what’s going on

Pyramid schemes – what are scams and pyramids and how to avoid them

Influencer marketing – another form of social media marketing in finding what you need from those who are top in their niche.

Other trending topics include Voice Search SEO, Cross Device Tracking, & Diversified Blog Link Building

For those of you who are new to searching online, you can refer to Google Trends to see what is trending.

For more on what is going on in affiliate marketing we have a ton of content on

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