Affiliate Marketing Research – The Importance and why you should care

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Affiliate marketing research is so important, that some either get stuck in the mode of research or even rush right through it.  The importance of research is so that you can not only learn from it yourself but also to give your readers what they want.  By providing quality content you also avoid bounces, people leaving your site.  If all you are doing it for is the money, then you may want to consider your customers feelings as what you are providing is important to them.

Saving time writing content

Here are some bad or poor practices:

1)- Copy and Pasting Content – Some affiliate marketers copy and paste content in their posts and change some of the wording.  This is not too bad if you only do this to support a point.  You run the risk of plagiarism if you are not careful.  You shouldn’t be basing a whole post with copying and pasting content.

2)- Posting inconsistently – Depending upon how long you are taking to complete your search, you may find yourself publishing or posting your content in an inconsistent manor.  People start getting used to when you have your posts ready, so the begin to expect it.

3)- Not giving credit – This is probably the worst practice, as you are committing plagiarism which can lead you to some trouble.  If you copy something and add it to your post, you need to give credit to the author.  It’s even recommended to add a link to the original post content.   The positive in giving credit and linking to the author is that you can get referral traffic from that site. 

4)- Not staying within your niche – This can be as bad if not worse than having to many products and services to promote.  As the saying goes, you need to “stay in your lane”.  Branching out too far can make you a weaker affiliate marketer and effect your overall progress.

Research Recommendations.

If you are having trouble with your research, then consider the following tips:

1)- Compare information – If you found a few sources, compare them to see if they agree or disagree with each other.  If you found that what you are searching for is similar with each site, then you use that information.  If they disagree, then you need to further your research.

Back to the basics

2)- Re-evaluate – If you find that this is a hard topic you are writing about, then you may want to do what I do at times and scrap it and find another topic to write about.  I’ve done this and it actually can save you a ton of time as you wouldn’t be stuck on a subject that is getting you nowhere.

3)- Keyword matching – Is what you are searching for lining up with keywords?  This can be a problem if you write about something not coinciding with your keywords.  Sometimes you can find some topics online that are close to what you are looking for but not quite.  You may need to re-do your keyword research.

Content creation.

If you are stuck on content creation, there are resources available to help alleviate the issues you are having and get past them.  

Check out:

Research as a priority.

If you are one that doesn’t place research on your list of priorities, you should reconsider this approach.  By now, as from above, you should start seeing just how important research is to an affiliate marketer.  You don’t stand much of a chance without it.  Research is your oxygen that keeps you going.  Without research, keyword research included, your site would be dead.

Keyword Research

Keyword research.

Keyword research is just as important as your other research, as without it, you wouldn’t know what to write about.  There are many tools available on the Internet that can assist you with keyword research. 

There is a free google keyword planner available through and here is the link:

Acceptable post length.

Google has recommended sizes for posts being published to the internet.  300 words is considered the minimum post size recognized by searchengines.

600 to 1000 words are ideal influencers, reference links and slowly building your SEO.  (for posts around 1000 words, can take around 3 hours or more to write)

1000 to 1500 words really go along way to have an impact on lead conversions and are considered powerful enough to aid in traffic building

1500 to 2000 words are what the search engines love as the highest-ranking posts are 2450 words.

Getting the job done.

If you find that you need to get your post writing or other content done sooner and you don’t have the time it normally takes to get it done, there is a resource that is of high quality and can get the job done for you.  The only research you need to do is keyword research and provide a title if it’s for a blog post.

Sounds good so far?

For more details, check out

You may never go back to the way you were doing your posts.

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